Tuesday, April 16, 2013


That is what I was greeted with today as I turned on CNN. Do we really need to NAME every disaster they and other news affiliations cover? 


I hate that.
I'm totally fed up with the splashy sensationalism the permeates the minds of news producers. When CNN comes back from a commercial break, the music plays and BOSTON BOMBINGS jumps out at me from the screen. I hate to imagine how many executive producers sat around a table drinking burnt coffee and brain storming about the size and color of the font to be used.

How about this. Go to commercial break, and when you come back, show a shot of whatever reporter is reporting and start with, "Here's the latest news from Boston....." 
Don't advertise the disaster like a billboard advertising a "THREE DAY MATTRESS SALE!"

Stop it.

I am interested in hearing the latest about the tragedy yesterday. I want to hear about the investigation. I want to know when the bombs were placed where they were. I want to know how that could happen, though I do realize it is virtually impossible to secure A CITY. 

Reporters are supposed to report the news. Gather all the facts so we, the public, are well informed.
But isn't there a line somewhere ,a line that indicates, "ok, that's all we need to know on this subject."
If the report was worded like this, "3 dead, hundreds injured and many with life threatening injuries," well, that would be enough for me. That pretty much paints a picture of how awful that scene must have been.

What I don't need or want to hear is the gory details of some of the injuries. Reporters asking doctors at the press briefing, "So what was the condition of the leg before you had to amputate it?"
That is information I do not need.

I wonder, what it's like for a family member, to hear this detail of a loved ones injury. I wouldn't think it serves any positive purpose at all.


Jerral Miles said...

...and I especially don't need to hear the news from an anchor person who keeps smiling between declarations about anything and everything, including tragedies. I'm avoiding NBC's Today Show because of the very things you say you don't like. ...and why do they have to ask the mother or dad, "how did you feel when you got the bad news?"

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I liken the news coverage to the 'we buy any" commercial. Annoying presentation and provides little value.

Formerly known as Frau said...

It's true...less is more! Heart itself.

Karen said...

It's tragic, what the media has become. A manipulative and deceitful mechanism and so many are glued to it. And that's even more tragic.

beth said...

i agree.....

as i type this, they are talking about the 5pm news and that someone has been arrested.....anxious to hear about that !!