Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bricks and stone and 90 degrees

I would love to talk about the stupidity of one 
New England Patriot tight end
who took it upon himself
to "allegedly"
kill, at least one person the other day,
but I'll rant on that at another time.

More importantly,
let's talk about me.

I mentioned in an earlier post that it was time to  give
the old walkway a makeover.
So I dug up the old
with the intention of putting in a new one

A "weekend project"
the do-it-yourself manual boasted.


Actually, it started one weekend and ended the next
plus all the days in between. 

I like the idea that it was 90 degrees and humid.
Bring it on!

So, after doing the math
I ordered 2 tons of crushed gravel for the base...

1/2 ton of sand....

2.5 tons of  field stone
newly quarried 
( I don't know what that means)

and I used the old bricks,
so I had that going for me.

Plus, I had a helper, Rosie.
Not really,
she was absolutely no help.


Janney said...

Wow! Good work!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Wow, Mark. Alot of materials=alot of work! Looking good.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Tons of work and it turned out Fab!
Well done Mark

Anonymous said...

the 'how to' manuals always lie. Looking at having our front sidewalk re-done as well... Come on over when you are ready to start the work for us now that you have it all figured out. :) Yours looks mighty fabulous!

Sally said...

It looks great! Good job. :)

Karen said...

I love the variation of materials! and I think you did an awesome job. If you ever quit your day job, I know a contractor who would hire you immediately :-)

Karen said...

OH, and the a$$wipe thought taking out all his own security cameras would save his sorry a$$. Forgot to keep his DNA riddled gum in his mouth though.

Donna said...

VERY impressed! Well done.

Marilyn said...

Nice job! Those stones can add up in cost. We have used them around the homestead and still need more. It does look good though.

dcpeg said...

It made my muscles ache just looking at your pictures -- memories. Still, you did a beautiful job and should be very proud of yourself.