Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sensory Overload

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday my wife and I were spreading mulch....

and playing with rocks....

and looking at snakes...

and a spider that stopped by.
 Pregnant much?

The only noise I could hear
was that of the birds,
who didn't seem to mind that we were in their playground.

The smell was that of wet woods
in an air thick with humidity.


I'm surrounded by steel

and grease

and rust streaks.

The ever present smell of petroleum,
is trumped on the annoyance scale
only by the constant white noise of a tug boat
in the background.

Yep, one day can make a huge difference.


SueAnn Lommler said...

I think I will take the mulch and spider. Ha

beth said...

i'm baffled. i thought spiders laid egg sacks and never had pregnant bellies....hmmmmm ?

Marilyn said...

What a contrast.
Hope you can spy fireworks from the tug!

Jerral Miles said...

Worlds apart. You're a lucky man to be able to live in both.