Monday, August 26, 2013

Get your Bulletproof Whiteboard before they sell out.

Remember all the ruckus about guns, and who should have them and who shouldn't, after the last school shooting in Connecticut?
Well, fear not teachers and young students. The problem is solved. No, congress didn't pass tougher guns laws, they can't get anything done down there. But I have the answer.

Teachers, fear not!!
 If a deranged gunmen enters your school, with a gun he purchased with the ease of renting a roto-tiller, and starts emptying clips of his automatic weapon, just stand behind Hardwire's BULLETPROOF WHITE BOARD! I'm not making this up. They even have little handles in the back so the teacher can hold it in front of her/him, you know, like the gladiators used to have,

Are you freekin kidding me? Has it come to this? Is this how bad our quality of life has gotten, that now, along with buying new schoolbags, pencils and paper for the new school year, we pick up a BULLETPROOF FREEKIN WHITEBOARD?

I went on Hardwire's site and read the frequently asked questions. I learned that for $300, you too can own a white board that acts as a piece of armor, if you feel like you'll be taking fire this school year. Did you know that it will stop multiple clips of amo from any handgun in the world, as well as shotgun shells!

Are we really talking clips of amo, armor and bulletproof, in relation to the school supplies a teacher will need this year?

I steered 2 of my girls toward a career in teaching, I would feel safer had they enlisted in the marines.
At least they get trained and have body armor.

It's beyond bad. To live in a society where we advertise, almost as an after thought, the selling of products that will protect teachers and students from ANY HANDGUN IN THE WORLD........?
It's out of control. Stop the maddness.
I wonder if my kids picked up some BULLETPROOF WHITEBOARDS for the start of their new year?

I don't blame Hardwire. They're doing more to protect my kids than our government is.


Marilyn said...

Sucking in my breathe, stunned!
It is just disgusting what Congress is not doing to protect and improve gun control. I am frightened for our little ones and the teachers that love teaching them, but live in fear.

Karen said...

There is a southern magazine entitled Gardens and Guns... I kid you not. Like ladies home journal, only with guns.

This is the mentality, and it's getting worse :-(

No if you'll excuse me, I'm going white board shopping.

Jerral Miles said...

Incredible... What's the answer, I wonder. It can't be as simple as bulletproof whiteboard... or bulletproof blackboard. Help!!!

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