Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not from my mouth

Some things you will never hear me say:

That "Single Bullet Theory" thing makes perfect sense to me.

A-Rod never used performance enhancing drugs.

Congress is really working together and getting stuff done, aren't they?

O.J. Simpson is innocent.

I feel bloated.

.....but it's a DRY heat.

I just won the lottery, let's go to International House of Pancakes to celebrate.

They recovered all the oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. ( better know as the BP oil spill)

I think of that oil spill every time I am on the boat. Since we travel near where the spill occurred, I often wonder what the sea floor looks like.
BP's record breaking dispersant attack was successful. Out of sight, out of mind. Get that oil off the surface. I guess the problem is solved.

It blows me away that the people who live down here in the Gulf area, never even mention that spill.
That broken oil well puked out over 5 million barrels of crude oil over a 3 month period, before they could stop the flow. Boats and barges and anyone with a run-about ran around the fouled waters of the Gulf with make shift pumps and bags of rags, reclaiming what oil they could. Do we really believe 5 million barrels were recovered?
We do not.

210 million gals spewed out. That's a lot of oil.

To put it in perspective, the barge we tow is so big, it would not fit on a football field. Now, get 20,000 of those barges filled with oil, and over a 3 month period have them discharge the oil into the Gulf. And in a matter of months it's all out of sight? The oil pad clad locals soaked it all up?

An article in "Marine News", an industry publication, reports that the House Natural Resources Committee analyzed data comparing pre-Deepwater and post-Deepwater Horizon accidents, inspections, violations and penalties to see what has changed. The answer is, not much. The staff issued their findings in a report titled,
"Dangerous Drillers: Offshore Safety Lapses Continue Three Years After BP Oil Spill.
That's comforting, huh?

It was determined that the companies that had the most safety lapses before the spill are the same ones not adhearing to the new safety guidlines that were put in place, by the industry themselves.

Remember the moratorium put on drilling in the Gulf after the spill,  by President Obama? The Gulf was basically shut down. The thousands of boats that supply the oil wells on a daily basis were tied up at the dock. Crews were laid off, companies went under. The company I work for was affected in a big way and many people lost their jobs. All because, supposedly, our government was going to set up new rules, strict safety guidelines before any drilling was allowed to continue. Well, the report states that as of now, Congress has failed to act on recommendations to strengthen regulatory enforcement and raise penalties for violations of drilling safety standards.

Like I said. Something I don't think you'll hear me saying any time soon is,
"Congress is really working together and getting stuff done, aren't they?"


Karen said...

Amazing, what's swept under the rug, isn't it? :-(

My husband and I can't stand looking at A-Rod's face anymore, honestly he is so darn smug.. and now he's thrown a few of his teammates under the bus as well.

Joey said...

I have one word for you.


Cait Throop said...

So many things need fixing it becomes quite overwhelming.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I'd imagine a non-trivial amount of the '210' has found it's way to the ocean floor, doing who know what.

The irony of professional sports. I think Miguel Tejada's suspension is interesting. He had an exemption to take Aderall, but the exemption expired. Sounds like shooting dead fish in a barrel to me.

beth said...

seriously, you never feel bloated? no fair :(

ps....i love what joey said

Marilyn said...

Amen to that! I don't like it about myself, but I don't want to look anymore at Congress and the Senate and see what they aren't getting done.

Jerral Miles said...

Wow! Now everything's clear.

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