Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This is what we did for the last 2 days.
There was too much of a swell to let us safely get into the notch,
where we push the barge up the river,
so we did circles
very slow circles
at a speed of on knot
I mean just barely making way because, well,
we had no where to go.

We had arrived at the entrance of the Sabine River,
checked in with the river pilots
and did circles until the weather improved.

So, with the time I had available
I decided to do some laundry.
I read that if you pour a can of coke in your laundry
it will clean them like nobody's business.

I guess the thinking is,
the same chemical in coke that rots your teeth
will do a job on those really tough stains.
I'm here to report my cloths came out clean,
but I smelled a little like a vanilla ice cream soda.

This afternoon while doing those mind numbing circles
I thought a cappuccino was in order.
That's how we roll on this tug.

Finally, just minutes ago the weather improved
and as we speak
we are headed up the river.

For those of you who visit here often,
you've heard me complain before about riding a boat to nowhere.
It just bugs me.

You know what else bugs me?
Bob Filner bugs me.
The San Diego mayor plead guilty today
to too many counts of sexual misconduct.
I'm not talking about a disgruntled staffer who was trying to get back at her boss
and claimed she was sexually abused.
There are NINETEEN WOMEN who came forward,
claiming Mr. Filner has been inappropriate in various ways and degrees,
during his time as mayor and when he served in congress for almost 20 years.
Filner is 70.
Seriously dude, keep it together.

Mr. Filner should remember that those 19 women
have fathers.
That alone should scare him more than any sentence he might receive. 
It would me.


Jerral Miles said...

The next mayors of San Diego had better take note. Filner set a different kind of bar. I'm with you Mark. He's an embarrassment to all of us men... not just the ones who live in San Diego.

Karen said...

...and I bet his excuse is they asked for his attention.

NO ONE should be a Congressman for 20 years, another wrong in that picture.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Hey, all this going in circles makes you imminently qualified to run the government :-0

Formerly known as Frau said...

No one should be treated by anyone so boss is horrible I rarely take her crap but my co worker has put up with the abuse for 10 years....I need this job but my standards are high....I feel for these women. Pictures are great! Once my car battery died and a guy helped me by pouring a can of coke over the worked! Have a great day!

dcpeg said...

Filner totally creeps me out! How he could even think women could find him apppealing . . ..??!! Yuck!

Janney said...

I just googled Bob Filner. We've just had our local Mayor in Auckland admitting to having a 2 year affair with a staff member... just days after he was elected. I doubt he'll be stepping down.

Marilyn said...

I love reading about things that scare you and my goodness, not sure I could put a can of Coke in the laundry.