Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tailgating anyone?

Michael Vick was being interviewed yesterday and was asked questions about the possibility of him playing quarterback this week for the Philadelphia Eagles. It seems Michael has a boo boo on his leg so the whole city is wondering if the former leader of a dog fighting operation for which he served 2 years in prison is well enough to lead his team this week against the N.Y. Giants.

In the interview he was asked what he thought about the people who still held a grudge against him for a crime he committed and served time for. He explained that he can't worry about that. He has turned his life around, he has served his time, he has found God. He went on to say the people who dislike him have their opinion and if they don't want to cheer for him, well, that's ok. They all have a right.

That's awful nice of Mike to "give us his blessing", to be allowed to have our own opinion. Thanks Mike.

Ever since the Eagles sold their soul a few years ago when they hired a former dog killer to lead their team, they lost me as a fan. I'll come back when a dog killer isn't throwing down and outs to racists. ( Oh, that's a whole other story )

My friend Jen, a totally absorbed New York Giant fan with season tickets and a big heart, knows of my dilemma of being a football fan with no team to root for. She invited me to the Giants game this past  Monday night. A Giants fan inviting an Eagles fan to a game is like a Confederate soldier inviting a Union soldier over for tea. Ok, that's a bit dramatic but you get the point. There is a rivalry between the two teams and a lot of smack talking between fans that live only 90 miles apart.

Jen only has one rule and that is I must wear Giants gear. An Eagles fan wearing Giants gear? Blasphemy to some.  Hey, give me a ticket to a NFL football game, and I'll wear anything you like.

 Below, from left to tight, Jen, me and Karen and Scott, 2 other very nice Giants fans who welcomed me into their little group with opened arms.
 And yes, I WAS rocking the New York Giants stickers on my cheeks. Do not judge.

This group of crazy tailgaters don't like to be late. As you can see their car is in position #2 at the gate, waiting for them to open.

They get there 6 hours before kickoff to assure they get the prime tailgating spot.

This isn't your grandfathers tailgate party. They take it to another level.

Ed's dedicated Giants van, filled with everything and anything that you would need to have a class A tailgate party. or a wedding reception.

As is the tradition, after everything is set up, the party begins with a champagne toast.

 Some appetizers before the sit down meal that is to come about 4 hours later.

 They have a theme of sorts each week, and this week was Polish week, so the menu consisted of pierogi and kielbasa. At one point as we sat around the table just talking, Ed, the owner of the van and leader of the group leaned back and said, "This is so relaxing. A beautiful day good food and good people, it doesn't get any better than this."
I think Ed is on to something.

This gentleman had different ideas about how he would tailgate. He drove into this parking lot full of tailgaters, weaving between grills and guys throwing a football around, parked his car, got out his chair, sat down and read a book. Hey, whatever blows your Giants flag...........

So, I'd like to thank Michael Vick, for giving me permission, not be his fan. I think I'll manage.


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I think you and I bailed on the Eagles about the same time, I'm looking forward to Villanova Basketball to start.

Jerral Miles said...

Party, Party! I like being around people who know how to do it. You are definitely the right kind of party people.

Karen said...

Now that's what I call Tailgating! And you can come on over to the Patriots way of thinking if you need a team to root for :-)

I'm still wondering if Michael Vick will have the b*lls to get another dog, he has talked about wanting one now that he has done his penance. Kinda like a child molester wanting to adopt.

Marilyn said...

Hope you enjoyed the game!
That does look like fun.
Michael Vick, I think I will pass
on comment, but surprised he is
still in the running to play.

beth said...

now that's a tailgate part....holy crap!!

HOW FUN !!!!

dcpeg said...

I'll grant you they can do some serious tailgating, but so many empty seats in the stadium! What's that about?

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