Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Things that fly and other thoughts no one cares about.

Last week I was standing in my family room
being entertained by these guys,

now I find myself in Texas
being entertained by the likes of these.

I like them all.

Speaking of things that fly,
what's up with that Malaysia Airlines plane that vanished 2 weeks ago?
Has it been that long already?

Anyway, Fox News is reporting that both pilot and co-pilot had intentions
to take that plane.
Oh, well, ok.
If Fox News says it than it must be true.
Actually, there is no evidence to support their claim,
they haven't found the plane, or wreckage, or a letter of confession from a pilot
or anything.
They are just surmising.
That's what top quality New organizations do, isn't it?
Surmise? Guess? Make up stuff?
Edward R Murrow would be proud.

enough about Fox News
and more about me.

I, like Fox,  have no clue what the heck went on up there
in the unfriendly sky's of Malaysia air space.
I, unlike Fox, will keep my big mouth shut
until they find the plane, some wreckage or just some proof
to explain how a big bird like that can just disappear.

Speaking of Fox News,
I recently downloaded onto my Kindle the book
"The Rogue"
"Searching for the real Sarah Palin,"
by Joe McGinniss.
First off, my apologies to my friends who read real books
about real subject matter,
but Joe McGinniss recently passed away.
I've read some of his other books and liked them,
so I searched his name to see a list of what he had written.
When I saw he had written about the one and only Sarah,
I couldn't help myself.

I haven't read it yet.
Just knowing I have it makes me feel good.
It's like a little treat I can have whenever I want.
It's like getting a box of Godiva chocolates and not opening them right away..
Just knowing you have them is fun.

Happy mid week people!!


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

This whole saga about the plane is so bizarre and of course we may never know. If you happen across it in your sea travels, please be sure to let us know.

ain't for city gals said...

My husband always says "Just knowing I can afford a Rolex is just as good as actually owning it"...kind of like a box of Godiva chocolate...I guess.

Karen said...

Have you seen this article? Very interesting.. makes the most sense to me.

And now I gotta google that book. Although a part of me cringes.. I can see Alaska from my house, don't you know. *sigh*

Jerral Miles said...

Mark, if you learn anything about Sarah Palin that is even half-way good, don't tell me. I'm enjoying thinking of her as minus-zero on my private rating of people in the public eye. I don't want to change and lose even a little bit of the contempt I feel for her. Oooh, Jeeeez. I almost Clicked "Publish Your Comment" and I had typed "pubic eye" instead of "public eye." Sarah Palin??? Groooossss.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the bird photos….the pelican action shots are awesome.
I saw this morning on NBC and ABC that they think the pilot was in control of this whole fiasco. (Usually I don't watch the news…today it was out of my hands!) no matter what; it is a very sad situation….families are devastated.
Enjoy your book!

Marilyn said...

Enjoy the reading and the Godiva!