Sunday, March 16, 2014

Text talk, an unplanned wedding, and too much junk.

I was talking to the mate on watch today, and he was sharing a story about what happened to him when he was home. It doesn't matter what the story was about, what matters is that at one point he actually said O.M.G.! No, he didn't say "Oh My God", he actually said the letters "O-M-G."
He's 58 years old. My response?
"Mate....that S*# T has to stop."


I went to a wedding yesterday. That's right, I am on the boat, but I went to a wedding.
It was very unexpected, and I was under dressed.

It's not too often that we on the tug moor at a dock that is what you would call "nice." Our tug has spent her life tied up to old broken down pilings in front of nasty looking refineries, from Boston MA to Corpus Christi Texas and everywhere in between.
Yesterday while the barge was loading it's cargo we took the tug for a ride down river to get fuel water and other such things. When we finished taking care of business we headed back to the barge, but we tied up to a dock that we were not used to. It was a nice dock. It was part of the Corpus Christi waterfront, with a nice restaurant just a matter of feet from the tug. The area had a Museum and other tourist attractions within eyesight. I expected to get chased away by....well, by anyone in authority. People were walking by going about their business not even glancing in the direction of this old tired looking tug boat that had to be spoiling the window view from the restaurant.

A few hours after we were there I noticed some employees of the restaurant setting up seating on the big patio that was situated between big ugly tug boat and nice restaurant.
As time went on and other preparations were made it became obvious that there was going to be a wedding ceremony, not 50 feet from out tug. Can you say...."where's my camera?"

This would be the perfect time in this post to upload wedding pictures, don't you agree? Unfortunately, due to a very weak cell signal at our present location the uploading of photos is impossible. When I can I will share with you a photo or two of this beautiful wedding, just to show how crazy it was that we were that close, and an interesting story that goes with it. Just let me say, the sister of the bride was a very nice woman. Yep, that's right, we chatted.
Photos and story to come when I am able to post.

The crew went grocery shopping yesterday and made Walmart more profitable by $2,500. ( yes, they shop at Walmart. Don't even get me started.)
We have 32 bags of potato chips on board. That just ain't right.
We have 24 boxes of cookies and bags of donuts.
We have 18 family size BAGS of candy.
We have 1 banana.
It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Every once in a while, we are in the right place at the right time, cool story, looking forward to the pix.

I agree, OMG from any male is just wrong, smack that dude.

Jerral Miles said...

Again, I insist. Write the novel... or maybe start with a series of short stories. Salinger died last year, and we desperately need a replacement. You probably know that collection of short stories Nine Stories. Your writing reminds me of those stories. Do it.

Marilyn said...

I can't even imagine that life style where there is only one banana.
How fun to get to view a wedding from your vantage point and unexpectedly too.

Karen said...

Oh Em Gee!!! That diet sounds

Joey said...

I bet your wife is shuddering when she reads about your "lifestyle"!!!

beth said...

you crack me up…but we all want to know….who got the banana ?????

so basically you are all like wedding creepers, instead of wedding crashers?? LOL

and it's a good thing you're not around here or you'd here OMG come out of my mouth, too….and lots of other things way worse. sorry. occasional potty mouth. and yes, i even say LOL sometimes. don't judge…..just laugh with me :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Woa....slow down on the banana consumption!!!! :)
I'm guilting of saying OMG....but only to my girls and only while at home. I think. I hope. Now, I'm concerned with myself.
The wedding sounds interesting!