Saturday, May 3, 2014

Got Hats?

I frequently drive past a hat store, and every time I do I find it strange enough to mutter something like, " I can't believe that place sells only hats." This muttering happens so often that I'm sure, when approaching this "Hat Store" in my car, my wife is probably thinking to herself, "here it comes, he's gonna say something about this stupid hat store."

I've never discussed this with her. I figure it's just the price she has to pay for being with me 32 years. Hey, I ain't perfect.

Now, this isn't a hat store in a mall, some small little boutique between Banana Republic and Lord and Taylor. This is actually a Hat House. It's a two story structure along a busy Rt 202 in Pennsylvania which I'm sure in a past life was a 3 bedroom home, complete with kids, birthday party's and Thanksgiving dinners. I wonder if there is a lingering smell of turkey in the fedora section?

I find this Hat Store so unusual because, well, take a look around. Unless you're at the Kentucky Derby, you probably don't run into many people wearing hats on a daily basis. Baseball caps don't count. Men wearing baseball caps on backwards REALLY DOESN'T COUNT. White men wearing baseball caps on backwards IS ACTUALLY OFFENSIVE. Which begs this question, how does a "Hat House" stay in business?

I'm sitting here with a baseball game on in the background. A quick look into the stands tells me, 60,000 of the faithful who attended this game must have left their fedoras at home. I can't see a one.

Not all things about "the good ole days" are good. But I think we should bring the hat back. Look at old video of a street scene in the '50's. All the men and women wore hats. Check out those old NY Yankees highlights, and the stands are filled with men wearing hats. Where did the hat go. Not only is it stylish, they come in handy in the rain and I probably wouldn't have had skin cancer if I grew up wearing a hat.

I say, bring back the hat.


NanaDiana said...

You will be happy to hear that MyHero wears hats. He wears Panamas in the summer and fedoras in the winter-a black one and a brown one.
He also has a Homberg and several Kangol ivy His brothers wear hats, too. I must say he cuts a fine figure when he is dressed up with a hat on.

There is a small House of Hats here in our town, too, and no one can believe that they stay in business- but they do- year after year.

I think you need a hat, Mark!;>)

Marilyn said...

I am wondering why you haven't stopped there to check out this hat shop more closely. You might actually find out who their customer is and report back. Inquiring minds want to know.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

There was, or possibly is, a hat store in downtown Santa Cruz. It's right next to a cool shoe store. It is a very fun place to browse and try on hats, but I wonder about their sales. Good enough, I suppose, to continue paying downtown lease rates. My dad always wore a hat....but then he had a buzz cut and we lived in Iowa where the winters are cold.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how hat stores stay in business, but I could browse through one for quite some time and probably walk out with a purchase. I am after all a hat girl.

Susie said...

Mark, I think hats make sense, for the rain , the sun, and bird droppings...gaaaa. I agree about the dorky backwards caps. But hey, while we are talking hats...what about that jacked up thing on the singer Pharrel's head. They saw that kid coming, didn't they? That big over sized and might I add, ugly , hat makes his head the size of a pea. Where is his mom, she should tell him not to wear that hat again..oh I saw he had a green one in the same shape. Oh my. You need to go in the house of hats and get some photos for us...we are curious, well I am. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Karen said...

My husband would tell you, behind every "hat house" is probably the -real- form of business bringing the money in, like a "cat house". Yeah.. after 26 years of marriage, I see that coming a mile away too.

And tell me .... have you not gone IN there yet? Now, go... and come back bearing pics. Because now we're all wondering, darn you.

Joey said...


I do like a good fedora though. Bring back the hat!

nacherluver said...

I am wondering to myself why you drive by captivated every time but never take the time to stop and browse! Perhaps you fear you will fall in love and become a hat wearer yourself? I say stop in! Buy a hat! Be the first to start the movement! Bring the hat back!

p.s. you'll be in good company. I love hats and DO wear them! All sorts. Not all the time, but I do. Winter hats, summer hats, baseball caps, floppy beach hats, gardening hats, fedoras, coach hats, you name it. I love 'em and actually get compliments on the days I venture there.


p.s. I am not from a hat generation, I just happen to love them! You have inspired me to wear them more often!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I think there is a new generation of hat wearer amongst us. Did you see the singer Pharrell large hat he wore at the Grammy's? But I agree how does a store like that stay in business? Let alone pay someones bills? My 40 year old neighbor wears his baseball hat backwards.....I can only shake me head in disbelief! Happy Monday!

Jerral Miles said...

If caps... the flat kind worn mostly a long time ago... every come back in style, I'll be in...

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hat wearing certainly is a thing of the past. I think men wearing them look dapper.
Wait, is dapper ok to say in 2014?
I too wonder how a store like that can stay in business.
Your concern about a 'hat store' reminds me of the old SNL skit: The scotch tape store.
I'm thinking of opening up a scotch tape store. Would you like to inquire about a franchise?