Sunday, July 27, 2014

You never know.....

This photo doesn't have a lot to do with the subject matter of this post, but what photo do you use for something like this.

 Last night I'm folding my laundry like it's just another day. I actually separated my whites.
My wife would be happy to hear that news. As I'm performing this most mundane task my mind keeps wandering to my cousin who passed away last Friday. It was very unexpected. No, this isn't the same cousin I mentioned just a week or so ago, it's a different one. Seems our family is in a bit of a slump.

One week ago my cousin was in a court room, doing what lawyers do. Seven days later, he's dead, due to the cancer that has ravaged his body.
What type of cancer? Does it really matter? That damn "C" word.

His children, all grown didn't have a clue. My cousin, from what I understand, didn't have a clue.
His mother, my Aunt, convinced him one day to go see a doctor because Mother's have that special gift of knowing when something is wrong with their child. Even when that kid is in his 60"s.
To old to be mothered? No.
To damn young to die? You betcha.

So, I go about my day here on the boat like it's just another day. There's just something wrong with that. As I walk in the engine room doing what I do to earn a living, a family in Delaware has their world crashing around them.
And I just go on checking my engines.

One week ago this family cruised along, clueless. Today they don't have a Dad. Life is tough sometimes.

Talking to a guy on the boat about this, and his comment was, " well, it's better that he went fast."
I'm not sure and his family might not agree. I don't know.
I've  had first hand experience with both options in my lifetime, as  many of you have.
My Dad dropped dead on a stage while giving a speech. My Mom fought lung cancer for a time. I'm not sure what way is better.

If I had to vote on it, I'd abstain. 

So life goes on for the rest of us but reality strikes agin. 
I would suggest hugging your family members the next time you see them, because you just never know.