Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Got gators?

Most days I handle being an adult quite well. Somedays it's just not fun.
Remembering the carefree days of childhood tonight.
Remembering family reunions, big and small, complete with seriously competitive basketball games in my driveway, played with cousins, many of whom had no business dribbling a ball, but did so, with great gusto.

Just remembering tonight.

After a few years sailing down here in the swamps of the Gulf of Mexico, tonight for the first time I saw one of these prehistoric looking buggers.
 While taking these photos I took an extra step back from the edge of the boat...just in case.


Joey said...

Prehistoric and scary! I'd have take a few steps back for sure.

Your memories of childhood remind ME that my kids need to have those memories too. It's hard when you live in a more remote setting where they can't just run next door or across the street to find their friends. It's a dilemma. Will have to try harder to "hook" them up with their friends...

Marilyn said...

A step back was a good thing I am sure. Like the new photo of you and your partner.

Busy Bee Suz said...

They aren't the cutest critters are they?
Read your post up above as well. So sorry for your loss. I've also experienced the long drawn out illness and the quick kind….not sure I'd like to vote on which is better either.
Life is short. Life is fleeting. Everyday is a gift…
YOU take care.