Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nixon on Nixon

Have you seen it?

The HBO documentary, "Nixon on Nixon"?
You do remember Tricky Dick, don't you?

Pictured above is my Dad ( on the left ) with President Nixon ( on the right ) and a national news correspondent ( in the center ) whose name escapes me. Dad hanging with the about name dropping, huh? 

Let me preface this rant by saying I never thought I could be surprised again by what a politician did or does. I understand politics is a dirty business, even though I believe that most people who choose to serve their community, State or Country start out with good intentions.

After watching this documentary, and hearing for myself the voice of Mr. Nixon as he attacked various ethnic and religious groups or anyone else who basically got in his way, it is evident he left whatever good intentions he may have had at the threshold of the West Wing entrance.

This documentary plays the secret recordings from the oval office during Mr. Nixon's tenure as the big cheese of the United States. You hear his voice. This stuff isn't made up.

Let me be clear. Nixon was one LOW human being. While already knowing, before I watched the documentary, that politicians in general are a bit suspect, I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by what I heard. I went on line to search for a synonym for "low life," that would sufficiently describe this particular human being, and I was unsuccessful. Suffice is to say that Nixon "played dirty."

He routinely called FBI director J.Edgar Hoover to have him target a particular person. Hoover readily agreed.

The IRS was also a tool Nixon used against his enemies, which were numerous in his mind.

He went on a lengthy rant about Jewish people when Daniel Elsburg gave "The Pentagon Papers" to the New York Times to publish. I won't even repeat the derogatory statements he was making.

Hey you Catholics, don't feel left out, you were attacked too.

Women? Oh yeah, you too. Mexicans? Yup. The Kennedy's? You guessed it.

It goes on and on.

My interest in politics began during the Watergate era when I watched the hearings on TV everyday after school.

It blows me away to think about this, but we, the United States, actually had a President who resigned from office! He quit. Unbelievable!

Anyway, now that I have you all depressed.....

here's a hummingbird I captured off my deck the other day.

Have a great rest of the week.


Susie said...

Mark, Love the hummingbird photos. :):) What I liked about Nixon was , he brought the boys home . Other than that not much. LOL. I used to vote for the best man, then it was the lesser of two what? xoxo,Susie

Busy Bee Suz said...

I've not seen the documentary and I don't think I will now. You've spoiled it for me! HA.
I have very little faith in politics or politicians. Not sure where we are headed, but I feel like I'm in a hand-basket headed to hell!

Donna said...

I remember him - and that time in our history - vividly! I was placed on an FBI 'watch list' when I wrote "Where are assassins when you really need them?" on a post card the week before he resigned. The FBI REALLY doesn't like that kind of free speech! Humorless twits... :)