Saturday, August 2, 2014

Want to ride to the Gulf of Mexico??

Yesterday as we were leaving the dock and heading for sea, I thought it might be interesting to take a photo every 1/2 hour or so and share it here on my blog.
Turns out,  it's not that interesting. Choosing to do this little exercise on a river run from Texas City, Texas to the Gulf of Mexico probably wasn't a good choice.

The day was just terrible for taking pictures.

 The scenery?...well, lets just say this particular run isn't the most interesting, but hey, I can't control where we are when I come up with these mind blowing ideas for blog posts.

Even photo editing couldn't improve what Galveston looked like on this bleak day.

But then there is me.....and seriously, I just can't enough of me.

As we approached the entrance I tweaked the "Photo every half hour" rule, and was sure to be ready in case something like this happened.

 Unfortunatelyfor me and for those looking at this blog, I left my "big lens" home, so these playful creatures who were toying with the bow of this ship are a bit out of focus. I swear every time I catch action like this my heart rate actually increases. I thought to myself as I took these shots, "What am I, like 10 years old?"
I guess so.

 Soon we were free from the traffic of the river and underway in the Gulf of Mexico.

 As you can see, weather wise, it was a great day to be at sea.


Have you seen that many of our U.S. Senators have written a letter to the Commissioner of the NFL because they are outraged at the light punishment handed down by the Commish to a NFL player named Ray Rice, for hitting and knocking out his wife? It's on video. It's quite disturbing.

The NFL  Commissioner is SO OUTRAGED by this cowardly act that he deemed it appropriate to suspend this player for 2 games. TWO GAMES?? This is punishment? It's quite obvious that by not kicking this low life out of the league for good that the NFL is just a money sucking machine and that hey, if you want to knock your wife out cold with the same precision of a Mike Tyson left hook, then go ahead. Don't worry, you'll still have a job after you serve the weak ass punishment your going to get from the NFL.

Having lived in a household surrounded by 4 women, I have my ideas of what sort of punishment Mr. Rice should get for punching his wife in the face, and it's a bit more severe than 2 damn football games. My ideas contain words like public and hangings and could encompass 2 horses and some rope. But hey, thats just me.

But to throw fuel on to the fire, our Senators are scolding the Commish. I get it, he should be scolded. Mr. about you start doing your damn jobs before your mind starts to wander. Seriously? You bunch of dysfunctional politicians are going to get all high and mighty on us and pretend you give a damn about the rights of women? Your scolding the NFL? You should be scolded.
Have you seen what you have done to a once working political system where things once got done?
You're like the guy on crack yelling at the guy shooting heroin. Give me a break. Go back to your offices and DO YOUR JOB, and I don't mean dragging some other rich athletes who are on steroids in front of the cameras in DC.


Susie said...

Mark, At least your pictures were interesting. I agree about the Washington bunch...get to work and shut it. What good is their throwing a few words around going to do...get Rice punished one more game. Good grief. I think all pro sports should have better contract wording...there would be nothing bad or out of line stuff allowed. Stay safe Mark. Hope you have a great new week, Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Thanks for the ride! I'd be so excited to see dolphins playing. I have NEVER seen a whale and so many people are posting photos on FB of the whales they've seen off our coast. I swear, if I drive to San Simeon, the whales are down at Avila. If I go to Morro Bay, they will be off Cayucos. Makes me crazy.