Sunday, February 22, 2015

Boating,Flying and Biking.

Had some pretty crazy photos to show you today
on the boat
but that will have to wait until the company imposed social media ban
is lifted.

It's under review.

Not really.

So, unless Delta has a social media ban I don't know about...

I peeked in on the Oscars tonight and saw Lady Gaga
singing songs from the Sound of Music.

I thought I was tripping.

Actually I thought she did quite well,
but my eyes kept drifting to all the ink on her body.

The flowing white gown just didn't go with the anchor
that was branded on her left side.
Maybe it's just me.

I thought Julie Andrews looked better then Lady Gaga,
and she has about 100 years on her.
I contacted a an old friend the other day who I saw on FB.
He used to be a cook on one of the  tugs I sailed on.
We were buddies.
This was in 1993.

He lives close by and is newly married.
He left the boats in 1995 and today is involved in Real Estate.
I haven't seen him since.
He looks different today.
Clean cut.
Back when I sailed with him, he visited our house one time.
He drove up on his Harley motorcycle
with his pony tail flapping in the wind while wearing leather chaps.

When I think of that day I visualize him standing with my wife in the kitchen,
in his long hair and biker duds
as they perused our spice cabinet and talked about making bread.

That visual brings a smile to my face.

I have plans to see him when I get home.


beth said...

it was hard not to keep looking at her ink…but gosh, her singing last night was amazing!!!

and gosh, aren't memories such a sweet sweet gift??

safe travels!!!!

Marilyn said...

Happy home time!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The ink is very distracting....not my thing. I hope Delta doesn't get a hold of your pictures; that one is really cool! Funny how some of us really evolve over our lifetime.