Friday, April 3, 2015

I love Beitzah

At sunset today Passover began.

My wife is representing the both of us as she is attending
Seder at our close friends house.

Neither of us are of the Jewish Faith but hey
a party's a any Faith.
If they'll have us, we'll go, and we go every year.

But right now I'm working and eating these..

 not really Seder worthy.......

I bet this guy doesn't go to Seder.

If he did, he would probably leave with his pockets full of Beitzah.

Can you tell I'm having a hard time getting over the fact
that some stranger was playing touchy-feely in my closet.

I thought I had some closure
when I caught the guy on video and showed the owner of the company.
Supposedly I'm getting my money back, so that should be that, right?

Well, um, no.
The more I think about what happened the more angry I get.
At the owner, not the thief.

When I had the owner come to my house and look at the above video
I mentioned to him that I expect to get my money back.
IF IT WERE ME, I would have immediately written me a check.
If I didn't have my check book I would have immediately driven to the closest ATM,
to withdrawal $150 and given it to me right then.
That didn't happen, but it should have.

Keep in mind this meeting we had took place
the night before I came back to the boat.
He informed me he would be confronting them that upcoming Friday
on payday. 

and one of my employees was a thief captured on video by one of my customers,
one minute after viewing this video
I would have called this punk and fired him right then.
That didn't happen, but it should have.

So, Friday came and went and no call from Mr. Owner.
If he was going to wait for payday to confront Mr. Thief,
the minute after that meeting was over
he should have called me to fill me in on what happened.
That didn't happen, but it should have. 

When I last talked to Mr. Owner
and reminded him, "I'll be getting a check, right?"
He babbled about taking it out of the kids pay
or maybe he'll just subtract it from what we owe.

You see, the carpet job still isn't done.
Not only were the installers thieves they were lousy installers.
Mr. Owner agreed with me and we had to order more carpet.
The job they did sucked.
Our bedroom has been in our living room for going on 3 weeks.

Anyway, after they finally finish the job,
I'll be chatting again with Mr. Owner to give him some
tips and pointers
on how to treat the customer.

Ok, thanks for listening...
I feel better.

No I don't.

Happy Passover.


Jerral Miles said...

I don't know much about these things, but it seems logical that Mr. Owner should be thinking that you, Mr. Customer, could win in court much more than the value of the faulty "service" Mr. Owner provided.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Perhaps you should contact the police? Or file a claim against him? I'm thinking this won't get resolved without some legal action. Even if it's a relatively small amount, it's the principle of the thing, right?

Joey said...


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

If the owner had reimbursed me and fired the punk, I would have let it go. It seem it's rotten from the top. At a minimum, I'd complain to the BBB and find another carpet company. I might need to file a police report too. Oh Happy Easter, I hope it brightens your weekend

Karen Ann said...

The criminal wasn't FIRED????? WHAT??????? ... WHAT??????????????????... and that company is horrible. HORRIBLE. As contractors we work with many. would NEVER tollerate what happened to you.

Mark, take you video to the police and let them handle it. OMG those idiots are still going to other peoples houses????........

Donna said...

That ain't right!
I agree with reimbursement, firing and criminal prosecution - in that order and immedaitely.
Can't understand why the 'owner' doesn't take more responsibility. He needs to grow a pair!

Marilyn said...

My blood would be boiling! This owner needs to resolve it and quickly. Calling the police might indeed help things move along or the Better Business Bureau for sure.