Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stormy Skies and Hay Rides

Stormy Skies........

Is it a sign of times to come here in the United States?
Or does it only mean it might rain?

I'll go with the latter.


I saw a local Galveston Texas newspaper the other day, titled The Daily News. Ok, so it's not an original name but it has stood the test of time. It has been rolling off the printing press since 1845. I thought, it must be worth reading if it's been around that long!

I did notice a marked difference in the content of this paper compared to say, The Philadelphia Inquirer. This was like a happy paper. No headlines about Isis or how the Republicans are in attack mode against President Obama. No no, not in this Daily News.

The big front page story shouted out the upcoming Tattoo Expo, that was expected to attract thousands to this seaside town. Large color photos of various artists performing their craft adorned the front page. Happy times.....all Tatts and cotton candy. I wish I could have gone, at least the editor of the paper was quite excited about it. 

As I turned the page I was hit flush in the face with more excitement. If the Tattoo Expo isn't your thing, then hop on over to where the 77th Annual Galveston Fair and Rodeo was taking place. I'm telling you,  Galveston was rocking last weekend. Photos of kids on hay rides.....I mean seriously, who doesn't like cute smiling kids on hayrides eating ice cream cones. More happy times! I've never read such a happy happy newspaper.

I thought I'd go to the dark side and turn the page to the "Police Blotter." I'm bound to find some unsavory Galveston criminals here, right? 

The police report says that a theft occurred the other night when a man entered the mens locker room at the local fitness center and helped himself to a guys wallet. SAY IT AIN'T SO GALVESTON!

Galveston seems like a pretty nice place, except for that one dirty scoundrel.

Hope your weekend is a pleasant one.


Joey said...

So you're working in Texas...LOL!!!!!!

Marilyn Miller said...

How dare that dirty scoundrel tarnish their reputation!

Karen Ann said...

LOL.... except.. Texas. you know?

And oh CRAP, did I just give away an undisclosed location????..... will the feds descend up you.. or me?.. now?....