Friday, April 24, 2015

No truths

I love painting my family room in the Spring when the weather outside is....Spring-like.

I am not counting down the days, well, years, before I retire.

I hate golf and hopefully I never do it again, ever.

I love brussels sprouts.

I totally get where Bruce Jenner is coming from.

My wife is the neatest painter ever, and never ever spills a drop of paint.

Have a great weekend!!


Pepper Medley said...

I did not get to seed the Jenner interview, but the man appeared truly happy. Oh, and I am a neat painter too, although I do drop a bit here and there. Enjoy the week-end!

Karen Ann said...

I hate painting, don't ask me to paint, I do not want to have to manage every freak'n drop that might hit the floor or the trim or my entire being, plus my clothes.. and maybe yours.

Bruce Jenner. I just don't know what to say. And how often does THAT happen.

John said...

Poor Bruce Jenner! Why is his way of being such an interest to people anyway? What do they hope to gain from hearing his reasons and rationale? Why is this anyone else's business? Why do people think they have any "skin in his game"? Does anyone believe that he needs their approval?

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

This is exactly why I painted in February, nothing like paint fumes in an enclosed house.

Joey said...


Painting on a Spring day? NEVER. Paint neat. NO!
Golf? NEVER. Never watch, never play
Bruce Jenner? I DO get it. How sad that it took this long.
Brussel Sprouts? Take or leave. But if someone else makes them, I prob. like them
Retire? What's THAT? (truth - I dream about it daily!)

Truth or No Truth - I'm a fitness trainer and I LOVE working out Your call...

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh I can relate, especially the brussel sprouts and Bruce.