Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bafoonery and the Olympic Games.

I was sitting in front of my TV watching President Obama on a stage with the Prime Minister of Singapore as they took part in a joint news conference. I felt proud as my President spoke calmly and humbly, and I could not for the life of me, envision Donald Trump standing there without yelling, tweeting and embarrassing me as a United States citizen.

But I'm scared. At the beginning of this election, when Donald Trump got into the race, I kept saying this was just a passing fad, that he would be dropping out. Now, as we are 90 some days away from the Presidential election, Trump is the Republican nominee, and this race is closer than I am comfortable with.

Trump isn't the one who scares me. It's the massive amount of support he gets even though, on a daily basis he insults one group of people after another. It's the American people who scares me. Just quickly, he makes fun of people with disabilities, he insults Senator McCain, a former prisoner of war by saying he's not a hero because he got caught. Just recently he has attacked some Gold Star parents, because they are Muslim. Any one of these instances would have derailed the campaign of almost any other candidate, but Trump can say or do no wrong, and that is very scary.

On a lighter note, have you heard, the Olympic Games are about to start?
No, not the ones taking place in Rio, but the virus free Games that will kick off...and end, this Saturday in Machanicsburg PA.

The events have not been made public, which makes it very hard to train, but past Games have had things like, frisky, bocci, water balloon toss and foot races for the family members who are still capable of running.

Results of this years Games are forthcoming. Stay tuned.


Karen Ann said...

LOL. We had a wiffle ball game on the 4th here.... we were so pleased at the end of it that we could all still RUN! Albeit with a few slips, trips and limp-aways.

I have no words for the Trump Train. I don't get it. You're absolutely right, it's frightening.

I do think there's hope though.. I believe he's backpeddling. I think he really wants out.... "The Election is Rigged!" - Already. ok, buddy.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So nice to see you posting again!! I absolutely love the idea of the Family Olympics; making fun memories!!!

Vicky said...

Its great to drop in and get updated with you! Love the idea of the Family Olympics - what a great memory maker. My father-in-law made us a corn-hole game and decorated it with a family Westra Crest- its pretty cool- maybe we need him to make a few more games- my boys would be all over that!

Joey said...

There is not a CHANCE IN HELL that this Buffoon will win in November. I TOTALLY agree about his supporters. It's SICKENING! To think there are that many Americans that support him and think the way they do, is astounding to naive me (obviously naive). But I will not believe there are more of them than us. Good always wins and I say there is more good than crazy (for lack of a better word and I have actually ended friendships due to this "crazy"). I refuse to let the buffoon into my universe as POTUS.

On the other hand - HRC doesn't thrill me either but comparatively speaking?? Oh yea - she has my vote!

On the other OTHER hand! Go team at the Family Olympics!!!!!! Have fun!