Saturday, January 31, 2009

Change can be good.

My intent is to add “strange news of the day” to the beginning of each of my posts from now on. I noticed my posts have no comments and my Blog has no followers. Maybe this will help.

In Chester, England, there is a Gentlemen’s Club that sells advertising on their dancers derrieres.

Remember the act of going to the library? Walking in the door and suddenly this Zen like feeling would embrace you. A very serene place where one could research a specific topic or just browse. Information was everywhere you looked. There were rows and rows of numbered isles filled with books almost begging to be read. Like most great ideas that look great on paper, looking back it was for me akin to going to the dentist.
Ben Franklin came up with the idea of what we now call the Public Library. A place where people could share books with one another. What I remember is being shushed by the lady behind the counter. I could never keep my voice low enough. The big wooden mini file boxes that held the massive amounts of little index cards mocked me as I stepped toward it. I would spend way too much time trying to find the correct subject, or is it the author I should be looking for? Each little index card had the name of one book with the authors name, date of publication and the letter and number of the row that book was hiding in. Without that index card in your hand, you had no chance of finding the book or the information you drove to the library to get. Usually by the time I thumbed through hundreds of index cards I was ready to go, but no, the treasure hunt was just beginning as you walked around the library like a lost puppy trying to find your treasure.
If I got to the library when it opened and was out of there with a book in my hand by lunch, it was considered a good day. If I had a particularly big project to research for school, I would just kiss my Saturday goodbye, because I’d be wondering around the library most of the day.
I’d like to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet, because in 10 minutes time, I found this out on Google.

The heaviest man weighs 1225 lbs
Those big stones they use in the sport of Curling are made of granite and weigh 44 lbs.
There are 6,706,993,152 people in the world
Some guy holds the record for consecutive free throws made without missing, 5221.
The mandolin is a stringed instrument and is a cousin to the lute.

No more index cards for me.

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