Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Slow Sunday

Our tug and barge has been anchored in Ponce Harbor for the last 20 days. This is a very unusual occurrence as this tug and barge unit is normally one of the busiest units in the fleet. Our job in the past has been to supply various power plants on the Island of Puerto Rico with the diesel fuel they need to operate those plants. To keep up with that demand, our boat would run what seemed like non stop, making our unit one of the most productive in the Company.
And then something weird happened. After a trip from San Juan to Guayanilla, a small port on the south coast, we got the word to anchor the barge, and wait for orders.
So I’ve been waking up every day in the same location. For a seaman that is used to constant movement and being in a different location everyday, this has been a really strange and difficult 2 weeks, mentally.


Megan said...

GREAT PHOTO. MY Husband & I were just checking out your blog again and we really enjoy it. B, my husband, is very interested in your occupation- a life many people don't know much about.

Anonymous said...

That's a great photo :-)