Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a little green

Ever since I came on this boat, when I would walk up to the wheel house, I couldn't help notice it had a different feel to it than most wheel houses have. I never really paid much attention to it, but there is a different feel for sure.
Tug boats are normally all about steel and engines and big lines and cables, the smell of diesel oil combined with paint and grease and tattooed guys with big arms ( Except for me )
But this boat has a live tree sitting on the wheel house console. This, I've never seen before.
It would be like seeing a bunch of roses on the floor of a nut and bolt manufacturing plant. It's just odd.
You wouldn't see a bunch of iris's in a coal mine.
But this 7000 horse power tug has a gentle little tree growing in the window.
As I sat in a chair opposite the tree today, I looked at it and then glanced at the Captain, who was steering the boat through New York harbor. I thought to myself, "What an interesting guy this Captain is, a tree in the wheelhouse." I wondered what made him decide to bring a tree onto the boat? I guessed he was just a tree hugger at heart and just wanted to change the atmosphere a little by adding a little bit of mother nature to our tug.
So I said, "Captain, that's a nice idea to have a tree in the wheel house, I never saw that before."
He deadpanned, "Yeah, I've been trying to kill the thing for months, I never water it, it just keeps growing."
I think he was kidding......


dcpeg said...

Your captain sounds like a cool guy! I've killed-off two of Northfolk Island Pines, so he must be doing something right to keep this one growing and green!

Mark said...

dc- he is, Im very lucky to have him as a boss.

beth said...

I think he must be a great guy...and I also think when nobody's looking, not only is he watering that little tree, I think he's also talking to it :)