Sunday, July 12, 2009

This plan backfired!

So, I thought I'd surprise my wife with an unexpected trip out of town. She loves to travel and loves surprises, even though she is terrible at keeping surprises a secret herself.
For instance, she'll buy one of our kids a special present of some kind and, lets say it's for their birthday.
The odds are good that the child in question will receive said gift...weeks before their birthday, because my wife just can't keep a surprise a surprise.
Anyway, my plan was this. Make all the arrangements for the trip, tell her when we're going but don't tell her where we're going.
I knew from past experiences that this should drive her pretty much nuts and it would give me something to do for the 3 weeks I am away. I pictured calling home and getting pelted with questions about where we're going. You know, will it be warm? Is there a beach there? Is it in the United States? And I could spend my nights giving her hints.
Well, to my surprise, I think she turned my plan right around on me, because the first 2 weeks I was away, I'd call home, say something like, "Well, I can't wait to get home so we can go away," and she say something like, "Yeah, me too."
That's it? Yeah me too???
Where's all the questions? I wanted to see her squirming in her seat. Nothing! Cool as a cucumber.
Each night I'd say something about the upcoming trip, waiting for the questions, and nothing!
Then it hit me. She knows I wanted to drive her crazy, but what is happening is, I'm the one going crazy. She has turned the tide...flipped the coin.
I tried everything. Before I left home, I googled fake destinations just to throw her off track when she would open the address bar on the computer. I did searches for Denver Colorado, and some beaches in North Carolina, which she found and casually wondered on the phone one night if we were going to Denver.
I thought I was being really clever, but I'm the one who is going nuts. This wasn't in my plan.
Tonight, finally, I received a little interrogation about our destination. Finally! I gave her a few hints, but I'm going to make her stew for a few days, just to pay her back.
One thing I do know, we're not going to Denver or to North Carolina.


Anonymous said...


Wherever you are going, I hope that you have a wonderful time!

dcpeg said...

How sadistic can you be? I love surprises, too, but not drawn out ones like yours. I call that torture!

All I can say is your surprise better be a humdinger to make up for your wife's suffering --LOL!!


P.S. have you read the 2nd response to your question on my blog? I think a lawyer wrote it!