Monday, August 31, 2009

Watch out Rome!

Today's a big day in my household. Keely, my youngest daughter, is starting her Junior year of art school by participating in a semester abroad program in Rome, Italy. I have to wake her up in 15 minutes so she can get ready for her long flight which will carry her to some of the most impressive art works in the world.
I don't want to wake her. She's sleeping in her bedroom, the same one she first occupied when she was 2 years old. The same one she woke up in for her first day of school, her first piano recital, her first high school dance and her first prom.
As long as she stays snuggled in her bed this morning, she stays the little girl. I want 5 more minutes of that.
I know this will be a trip and an experience of a lifetime for her, one she will never forget, and one that will do wonders for the growth a person needs as they get older. Knowing what a positive experience my oldest daughter Erin had when she spent a year in Ireland getting her Masters, and what a positive experience my middle daughter Bryn had, spending a semester abroad in Granada, Spain, I am assured that this experience for Keely will be a great one. These types of trips change them, educates them. I know that from experience.
I am really excited for her for this trip. I'm already 5 minutes late in waking her up. I guess I just wanted her for 5 for minutes.
Keely's heading to Rome. All I can say is, watch out Rome!

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dcpeg said...

Aaaawww -- poor Daddy is losing another of his little girls.

According to my Mom, my Dad reacted pretty much the same way when I left for college, but he never, ever, in my wildest dreams would have revealed such sentimentality!

I'm sure all your girls (including your wife) love you even more because of your sentimental streak.

Hang in -- she'll always be your little girl and you will always be her Daddy.