Thursday, September 10, 2009


My wife is working and the dogs don't want to play, so I've spent this morning asking myself, why?

Why is there such concern on how Obama will pay for his new healthcare plan, when those same people were not worried about the deficit caused by the billions spent weekly on the Iraq war?

When I go to the grocery store, why do I work up a sweat trying to seperate one shopping cart from another? Are they welded together?

Why do I feel the real need to check my email, look at my facebook and update my blog before I even get a cup of coffee?

Why are people opposed to a National Healthcare plan? The 43 million people enrolled in Medicare seem to like the idea.

Why does my brother have 343 friends on Facebook and I have 11?

Why did I enroll in I've had 36 years to call former classmates, and I chose not to.

Why does every employee at Home Depot ask me if I need help finding anything, only when I know exactly what I want and know exactly where it is?

Why are we in Iraq? I forget.

Why, when planning an upcoming trip to Rome, am I researching Latin dancing and not researching the times the Pope says Mass?

My wife just walked in, she has some questions to answer.


dcpeg said...

I've asked myself the same about What a waste!

beth said...

some of your questions are also mine...

and honestly, you made me laugh especially about classmates and facebook....

have a great weekend :)