Sunday, November 8, 2009

AC Bob

Our air conditioning compressor on out tug bit the dust the other night. So I did what any qualified Chief Engineer would do. I called the local air conditioning man.

AC Bob, as we came to call him is a really nice guy. These visits from outside vendors to the boat is always nice, just a new face to change things up.

As we worked together for about 9 hours, our conversations meandered from marine industry chit chat to sports, to family and everything in between.

I was really enjoying talking to AC Bob and was considering making him my new best friend. At a minimum I was going to invite him to be my friend on Facebook, but that all changed when our conversation switched to politics.

When he mentioned that the Obama stimulus package “was a waste, it didn’t do nothing,” I calmly retorted, “the way things were going when he came into Office, I think he had to try to do something to stop the bleeding.” He blew me off.

AC Bob then said, “the only industry that is making money is the insurance industry, and he’s ( Obama ) trying to ruin that. This nationalized health care is really going to raise our taxes,” he spat out disgustedly.

Well, them there is fightin words!

AC Bob must not have known that I am a member of Barack Obamas campaign for change. He must not have known I spent hours manning the phone bank before the election, putting out his message of Hope. ( actually I spent about 50 minutes calling registered voters in Pittsburg. I finally put the phone down because when you get yelled at and cussed at for 50 minutes straight, it sort of wears you down.)

I wanted to ask AC Bob why he isn’t as concerned about the taxes he already spends toward out dated, duplicated Federal Programs.

“Hey Bob” I wanted to say, “Are you glad your paying taxes to fund the 130 different Federal Programs serving at risk youth?”

“How about the 72 different programs dedicated to assuring safe water? Do you think there might be some waste there, Bob?”

“Why aren’t you crying about the 50 different Federal Programs for Homeless Assistance?” Maybe we should consolidate?

“Why aren’t you concerned, Bob, that we’re probably wasting a lot of tax payer money with the 342 different Federal Economic development Programs?” What are they anyway?

Of course, I bit my tongue. I didn’t want to piss off the AC man. The crews comfort was at stake.

Last night, while Bob was loading up his equipment in his truck, preparing for his ride home, the House of Representatives was voting on the Health Care Bill.

Too bad for you, Bob.

It passed.

I will not be inviting Bob to be my friend on Facebook.

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