Thursday, November 5, 2009

The baseball blues.

I was so looking forward to a parade this year, but the Philadelphia Phillies came up a bit short last night, as the N.Y Yankees won their 27th championship in their brand new ball yard.. That is really hard to swallow if your a born and bred Philadelphia sports fan, but what they did, really is amazing.
The Yankees have one the World Series TWENTY SEVEN times. I think we won twice! Maybe that's why our parades are better.
Anyway, no parade on broad street for us this year. No packed train rides, standing room only from Newark Del., where the riders would boo any patron that got off the train before reaching the parade route, to go to work How dare they not be going to the parade, was the thinking. No high five-ing perfect strangers in a restaurant, just because.
No standing this year shoulder to shoulder with a million other smiling nuts, just to watch Cole Hamel ride by on the back of a truck.
Maybe next year.
Maybe I'll catch the Thanksgiving Day Parade instead. Nah, just wouldn't be the same.


dcpeg said...

As a devoted Cubs fan, I feel your pain . . .

Mark said...

Oh my Lord, Cubs? Yes, you definately feel my pain.