Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christams Eve

We've been anchored for so long, without a chance to get to the store, the Mate is starting to prepare our Christmas dinner tonight, with what we have on board. He's a bit miffed we don't have the makings for pie crust, so he's whipping up some cookies, to go along with the turkey and all the trimmings.

When the preparation was complete and we cleaned up the galley, the Captain said, "It's Christmas Eve, now what do we do?"
I told him we should launch the "Fast Recovery Boat" and go....

out in the neighborhood and sing Christmas carols. Granted, our neighborhood is made up of about 6 to 8 tug and barge units that are anchored near us, but it could be fun. We just zip on over to the closest tug, climb out of our Fast Boat up over the bulwark of the tug, walk up to the hatch of the tug, knock on it, then light candles and when an angry sailor appears, start singing "Silent Night."
Maybe it's me, but I think that would be loads of fun.
How great would that be?

The Captain, liked the idea but said there was nothing in our company safe operation manual that would let us have such fun.


Vicky said...

I was so hopeful for a second there :) So now I am curious, what the heck did you do? I'm impressed you at least got cookies and turkey! We're about to set a new snowfall record for Christmas day... you might say we are anchored as well!! Merry Christmas Mark!

nacherluver said...

That would have been the greatest! Bet it would have made the other boat crew's evening. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your Christmas Eve.

slommler said...

That would definitely been fun. Too bad you couldn't do it.
Happy New Years