Thursday, January 14, 2010

There is no crying in baseball!

For those of you who live outside of the U.S. and have been spared the unending, infuriating and nauseating coverage of baseball slugger Mark McGwire's explanation of his steroid use, please count your blessings.
All you need to know is this. He cheated, lied about it since 2005 and now he's crying on TV like a bride on her wedding day and saying yes, he did take steroids but they didn't make him stronger.

To put it in perspective for my out of town followers, suppose one of the big names in cricket, say, Sachin Tendulkar, a right handed batsman and one of the best cricketers of all time, suddenly started smashing existing records for runs scored.
Wouldn't it be telling if suddenly late in his career, his head doubled in size and he scored 21782 runs in tests and 23000 runs in ODJ's?
( authors note: I have no idea what the above sentence means.)
When asked to explain his sudden improvement, he states, "I work out really hard."
Yeah, right.

Imagine the Brazilian Futball star Pele, at the end of his career, looking like someone in a "Worlds strongest man" contest and averaging 5 goals a game. You think he might have taken something to get an edge?

I love how these baseball players explain this by saying they wanted to "get an edge."
That's just baseball speak for cheating.

I just finished reading a book about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, two of the most popular and most successful NBA basketball players of my life time. Larry Bird took 800 jump shots a day, AFTER PRACTICE, to get his edge.
Magic Johnson, upon hearing what Larry did to improve, started taking 800 jump shots a day, AFTER PRACTICE, so Larry didn't get an edge on him.

Andre Agassi, one of the most prolific tennis players of all time, hit hundreds of balls a day, IN GRADESCHOOL, to get his edge. The fact that Andre hated tennis and it was his father who made him do that everyday is a bit questionable.....but my point is, these elite players got their edge by putting in hard work, everyday.

I'm sure Pele kicked hundreds of balls on a daily basis to hone his skill.
I bet Sachin Tendulkar did whatever cricket players do to become the best.

Mark McGwire, to get his edge, drank home made concoctions, swallowed pills and stuck a needle in his butt, and now spends his days crying on TV in hoping to convince those who vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame that he is worthy of their votes.

Mark McGwire and those like him are a joke.

I long for the days of pure athletes like Sachin Tendulkar.


dcpeg said...

WELL SAID!! It totally disgusts me when these star athletes lie through their teeth for years, get away with it, then cry buckets when they're found out. Gimme a break! They should be banned from having any connection with sports for the rest of their lives!

Renee said...

Surely they should throw his records out. Those aren't records at all.

Total joke.

Thank you for sending us strength Mark, I appreciate it.

Renee xoxo

Melinda said...

Yep, very little is as it used to be. But I can't help but wonder if people have become more dishonest, or if the media has stepped up it's game, adding to the disillusionment? Either way, he cheated. What a waste. And you're right...there's no crying in baseball! Geez!

McGillicutty said...

I was about to say well said when I saw that the first commenter said the same thing... so BRAVO!!!!
I can't stand cheaters and cheaters who cry when they're outed are the worst kind.
Kick him to the curb America!!!!