Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gold Silver Bronze

I admit, I have been a non contributing member of my family and you can blame the Olympic games for this.

My days for the last week have had a familiar ring to them. I watch the Olympic coverage which starts in the middle of the afternoon. I am thankful to the Olympic schedulers for their 2 hour break between the afternoon coverage and the evening coverage, otherwise I wouldn't even eat.

I'm settled into my favorite seat after diner as the familiar Olympic games music opens the evening coverage. I'm prepared with bottled water and a few snacks, ensuring I won't have to move my butt off the couch for anything causing me to miss one double axle on the ice or a single double back inverted helicopter 920 on the half pipe. I am so focused on these games they should give me an Olympic bib with a number.

The next morning I grab a coffee and turn on ESPN to catch the highlights of the hours of Olympic action I had just watched the day before.
I know I do have issues.

My wife has been quite understanding but I think I was pushing the edge of the envelope when she walked in from work the other day and found me watching the riveting action of the sport of curling. "Please," I said to her, "don't make me defend the sport of Curling. Look at these sweeper guys go."
She was not impressed.

She has been by my side during the evening telecasts watching the women's Downhill. I give her no credit for that. Anyone would be interested in watching very fit women flying down a sheet of ice at 75 MPH skiing the fine line between excellence and disaster for the entire mile and a half course.
Where is she, I ask, during the men's 15 KM Mass Start? I find the idea of grown men skiing through the woods while carrying high powered rifles very interesting, probably because I can't ski and don't even know how to load a gun.

The Olympic games are so interesting to me because I realize that no matter what sport is taking place, and there certainly are some very strange events, these athletes are the best in the world at what they do. That's impressive.

I have much more to say on this subject but a new Olympic event called Ski Cross is just about to start. Basically it's four guys all starting at once, skiing around a bumpy, turny, icy course. It's sounds like mayhem will ensue.
Sounds like a great event.
I have to go.


beth said...

my butt has been firmly planted, too....while wearing my official...YES, very official ski know it's the real thing when your hubby works for the usoc :)

I didn't think of grabbing the water and snacks to have at my fingertips so I wouldn't have to get up....

and now back to the television.....

slommler said...

I am taking a break to have lunch. I too am watching the Olympics! Doesn't everyone watch??? I find it riveting and fascinating!! I totally understand!! LOL! I am with you!!

Diahn said...


and I don't need water and snacks. I have children to fetch them for me...

my children that ADORE curling...