Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inside the actors studio

I don't know if you heard the news or not, but Tiger Woods apologized on TV yesterday.
If you didn't see it and want to, turn on your TV and go to channel .....EVERYWHERE!
Talk about saturation.

First, let me say I have been a huge Tiger fan, because of his golf game.
Remember, before this guy ever teed up a ball as a professional, he signed a multi-million dollar contract with Nike. Imagine how that went over with the tour professionals.
Talk about pressure. I'm sure many of the pros were secretly hoping he would fail.
So all he did was come out of the starting gate smoking hot, and in a very short period of time has proven to be arguably the best golfer to ever tee up a little pimpled white ball.

He has gone about his business of dominating the game with an aloof attitude that has turned off many of his fellow touring pros.
His cocky attitude never bothered me because I love a competitive athlete who can back up his attitude with results, and results is what Tiger gets year in and year out.

After having the world by the golf balls for years, his perfect little image was seriously tarnished when the world found out recently that his image was just that, an image. Not real.
Rumor has it he cheated on his wife.

After months of speculation, yesterday Tiger was scheduled to face the world after a 3 month self imposed hibernation.
I usually don't care about the personal lives of athletes but I was curious to see his reaction after everything that has come to light the last few months. It's like looking at a car wreck. I don't want to look at the mangled pieces of steel as I drive by, but I can't help but take a peek.

My gosh, I thought, he must be crushed. The embarrassment he has brought on himself, his family, his friends and all his business partners must be too much to handle.

I expected to see a skinny, nervous shaking shell of a man walk to the podium and break down as he apologized.

What I saw was a bit different.
He strode to the microphone with an attitude that said, WTF?
He said all the right words. On paper it looked like a great statement.
I didn't believe one word of his staged sincerity. Oh, and another thing, he should stick to his day job because that boy can't act.

He was naming all the people he had let down and that was ok. Then, he would pause, for what seemed like an eternity and stare into the camera and with the most sincere look he could conjure up he said, "I am so sorry."
My gag reflex kicked in.
It was so over the top that I expected him to immediately break into a loud laugh and say, "Only kidding. Gotcha!"

He apologized to his fellow golfers. That was interesting because anyone who follows Tiger knows he doesn't care one bit about them and thinks only of crushing them on the course.

I have a feeling that the first draft of his statement went something like this;
"To my fellow golfers, I'd like to thank you for basically letting me hang out to dry for the past 3 months with no support from you and I assure you, when I resume playing, I'm gonna spank each of you like your mamma used to."

That would have been believable.


Marilyn said...

Interesting comments. I did feel it was rehearsed a bit much. Nike has chosen to stand by Tiger, he has made a lot of money for them. I was a Nike employee for sometime and they even have a gorgeous building on their campus named after Tiger Woods. I think like his wife said, time will tell.

beth said...

how did you do that ?
how did you take my exact thoughts and write them so perfectly in your post....including the gag reflex ?

you're amazing and so incredibly right ! now if only he had had a cocker spaniel or a beagle standing next to of the breeds with big sad "please love me" that would have really convinced us how sorry he really is.....

slommler said...

Yes he needed a roaring fire in the background and a leather chair and a Irish Setter by his side.
I wasn't quite sure about his speech either. Sure he is embarrassed but that is about it. He needs to get back to his game!