Friday, April 30, 2010

On a more stupid note......

"Tiger made eye contact with the crowd."
If I hear one more ESPN anchor say this, I'm going to puke.
I can only hope that my friends who live in other parts of the world don't have to hear the endless babble about Tiger Woods and his line of sight habits.

This all came about because in his first news conference, strike that, his first public appearance months ago, since his wife smacked him upside the head with his own 9 iron, he stood in front of a select few and read a statement to the world as if he was giving a State of the Union Address.
In this statement, he said, among other things, that he was going to try to be a more likable Tiger, you know, interact with the crowd a bit, rather then going about his business in his usual robotic arrogant fashion.

Hey Tiger, it's not working. When Tiger tries to interact, or, make eye contact and smile, it is painful to watch, because it's painful for him to do.
The look on his face as he tries to naturally interact, is similar I would think, to the look some one gets just before he is about to get tazzered by a State cop in a bad mood.

The fact that "Tiger makes eye contact" is reported in print, on the internet and on cable TV speaks volumes about how truly unnatural it is for him...TO MAKE EYE CONTACT.
I can understand ESPN going crazy, but CNN?
Isn't there some thing in the world of news more important and interesting than this?

I was a huge fan of Tigers until recently. I loved that little cocky attitude he had. I loved that he basically said on a weekly basis he expected to win such and such a tournament.
Talk about pissing off your competitors!
I like that he would then go out and kick all their butts, then act like he wasn't surprised.
But then he became a dog. ( see the list of bar flies he cheated on his wife with)
Then he became a self righteous dog. ( see State of the Union address mentioned earlier.)
Then he became a arrogant dog. ( See interview after he came in 5th at the Masters.)

As my children would put it...
I'm sooo over Tiger.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Yep Mark it's out on these parts of the world too. Not as repeatedly as on CNN but way to much if you'd ask me. Man what a fuss isn't there more important news to share with the world? So all we europeans have a big laugh over you americans because you are the people who can blow things out of proportion like one else can. Sorry fellow to dump this on your shoulders but no offence here to your lovely person yourself.

How come we are so different from eachother in these ways? I often wonder about that.
Well thanks for making a point here. Did you send this one to CNN also???";-)) it might work you know.

See you around hugs Dagmr

slommler said...

The way I handle all of this is to ignore the commentators and newscasters. When they start, I change the channel or tune them out mentally.
I have always admired Tiger's prowess on the golf field. I still do. All the other stuff is none of my business. And I am sorry he is feeling like he has to engage others in this dilemma.
The announcers during the golf tournaments have never liked Tiger and are always waiting for him to crumble and fail.
I hope this will all pass and he can get on with his game.

nacherluver said...

Never been a golf fan so not a Tiger watcher ;0)

I don't have much tolerance for this country's obsession with fame so any story about any celeb that goes on and on is subject to my blinders.

In other words, I agree.

Alison said...

Yes, Tiger's life features regularly on our news here in New Zealand. Partly I guess because we're a very sporty country (sports obsessed - call it what you will) but also because I think our news programmes are becoming like women's magazines - hooked into the celebrity culture. (Like, who actually CARES about Victoria Beckham?? And others of that ilk. What do they actually do that we should be admiring?) As for Tiger, he does have admirable talents. But I'm with you on that one Mark. I'm pretty much over him.

dcpeg said...

You put it so well, Mark. Tiger has joined the likes of O.J. in my thinking, which means I no longer think about them. They're both dead meat as far as I'm concerned.

beth said...

so wait, i'm not, you're done with tiger ?
you've had enough of him ?

i wasn't quite sure when i read your post if i truly understood the depth of your hatred for tiger, but i think it's getting clearer :)

but i bet, like me, the next tournament he's in, you'll be sitting there in front of the tv just waiting to see if he makes eye contact with you.....

do you know how much your writing makes me smile ?

Diahn said...

Oh, man, Mark - me, too. I've had it with Tiger and all the rest of the celebrity gossip that passes as news, these days. And CNN isn't the only offender in the pseudo-news department. My husband and I often watch the "news" and wonder when the news is coming on...

Jerral Miles said...

Your pictures of dry docks (and many, many other of your photographs) should be put together in a book of images that most people never see. You see the world from a boat deck the way Ulysses saw it, and I feel privileged to get glimpses of what’s out there because I read your BLOGs.
...and your descriptions of the drilling platforms and rig tenders in the Gulf of Mexico... Wow!
...and Tiger Woods has lately given me another reason for my low level of interest in golf.
Thanks, Mark... Outstanding writing.