Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lower than low

It's safe to say that reality TV is a big hit. Even though it isn't my favorite form of television entertainment, I have been know to watch an episode or 2 of this type of TV.

American Idol comes to mind.

I think that what is going on over at "The Deadliest Catch," is sinful.
This show is a very popular reality show that chronicles the real life adventures of 5 Alaskan King Crab fishing boats.

One of the Captain's that have been portrayed often is Phil Harris. Last January he unexpectedly suffered a stroke while unloading his catch in Alaska.
When I first heard this news my first reaction was thinking how sad his family must be. As an after thought I did think that, boy, the producers of that show are screwed. What will happen now?
I was sure they would wrap up that project and move on to something else. There are plenty of other subjects a producer can latch onto.

But nooooo!

The upcoming episodes are actually publicizing Captain Harris's death to attract viewers.
Are you kidding me?
Maybe there's something I'm missing.
Maybe Captain Harris told his family that in the event of his death he would still want the show to go on, glamorizing his death.

Episode June 22nd.- "Opening episode includes Phil's initial stroke."
Episode June 29- "The rest of the fleet begins to hear the news of Phil Harris's death."
Episode July 6th-" The 2 sons watch over dad."
Episode July 13- " Captain Phil Loses his battle and dies."

This was a real guy, with a real family. This was a hard working guy who like many others, passed away while performing his job.

This was a human being.
He is now dead.
Viewers are actually going to tune in to watch this?
How screwed up are we as a civilization that this is must see TV?

I heard someone on the radio describe these episodes of the Captains death as riveting.
That's disgusting.

In my opinion, after Phil Harris died, the shows producers should have stopped that particular story line immediately.
The next show could have been a tribute to celebrate his life.
End of story.

To advertise his death as a teaser to upcoming shows is despicable.
When Allen Funt started the first reality TV show with his "Candid Camera" in the 50's,
I bet he never dreamed it would morph into this.


beth said...

that is lower than low....and we love that show !
i haven't seen the upcoming shows information, but yikes, now i don't want to.....

we are even guilty of watching repeats of the deadliest catch when it plays here all day, marathon style...

Karen said...

Isn't it macabe, horrendous, absolutely sleezy. Are we that desensitized now that this is OK? Apparently so.

Well said, Mark. Good post.

Alison said...

Whaaaat?? You're kidding me, surely? Yes, that is lower then low. Will people really get kicks out of watching that??

slommler said...

Oh my gosh!! That is sick! But it seems all of the reality shows are doing these real life-altering dramas to start off their seasons! I am afraid it is only going to get worse.

dcpeg said...

The realities of life are hard enough without having our noses rubbed into them!

This kinda of crap makes me wonder where the line on decency is now drawn. There doesn't seem to be a line for the cretons who do such things. It's all about making money. Sick!

Marilyn said...

I have to go with you on this one. That is disgusting. I hope people boycott the show, but of course they probably won't.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh mark you're so right here.
And I've zapped into it not on meaning to but saw the last tribute the sons gave to there dad by lighting the fire crackers. Didn't know this was all before that and even on air. Sick making.
Hugs D.