Friday, July 23, 2010

I need to lighten up

Since I've been down here in Fourchon, LA, the hotbed of the oil drilling industry for the last few weeks, It's been everything oil spill.

I need to lighten up. I need to inject a little laughter into my life.
So I did what anyone would do if they were looking for comic relief.
I went on Sarah Palin's Facebook page.
Of course she is pitching her book (I don't blame her) "Going Rogue"
I'm sorry, the woman just makes me laugh.

I talked to my younger brother today.
I asked him what has he been up to?

He said, "I just completed the character list for auditions and the location list for scouting locations." He then went on to say, "They're doing paperwork to obtain rights to use music in the movie."

I think it's safe to say those 2 sentences contain words that in all likelihood will never come out of my mouth. That's because he's involved in writing a script for a movie with a young local film maker. He's done 5 rewrites already and it's getting close to the time for choosing actors and locations.

I figured if I wanted in, I better make my pitch now. I contacted him and suggested that I was available, I could be had for less than union scale and that I have some acting experience.
Well, that last part is a lie. I have no acting experience.

I'm not asking for much. I just want to be an extra.
I want to be in the background of a scene, carrying a box.

That way, I can forever say that I was in a movie, but I won't have to invest much time.
They can shoot that scene, working around my schedule.

I'll even do my part to keep the movie costs down.
I'll bring the box.


Jerral Miles said...

I'm still thinking you should (perhaps you are doing it without letting the world know) be seriously writing the story that will be a movie. You are a gifted writer. Go with it... Go for it...

Karen said...

I agree with the above.

Also, have you seen the tour bus SP has been traveling around the country in to promote said book?

Unreal. Still can't believe how far she got. Scarey.

beth said...

maybe i could help you carry "the box"....i'd love to be in a movie too :)

oh i know....i know...i could be the photographer taking your picture while you carry "the box".....

should the box be empty, or should we put something in it ?

like chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles, maybe ?

dcpeg said...

I just love your sense of humor! As for being the "man carrying a box", you'll have to find out what your motivation is so that you'll make the right moves and have an appropriate expression on your face. It could be a breakthrough role for you! ;-)

I'm with you on lightening-up, but it's so hard thinking about all that globby oil floating underwater and out of sight. BP knew exactly what they were doing with the dispersant and I just can't get over their cavalier attitude. What's-his-face the CEO needs his British butt kicked!!!

Keda said...

ROFL. just a small part, really.