Sunday, July 25, 2010

A case study

I've done some research lately and discovered there are marked differences in how people act when they are on the cell phone.
This is serious stuff, don't wonder off yet.

Some people actually just sit and talk. I find that to be very rare.

Some people are jabbers. You've seen them. As they speak on the phone they have enough arm movements going on you'd think they were landing airplanes on an aircraft carrier. You have to be careful while walking past a jabber. He could knock the Starbucks Cafe Mocha right out of your hands in a split second.

The Pacer does just that. With a cell phone to his ear he'll walk in a straight line until he comes upon an obstruction that is higher than his shin. Upon reaching said obstruction, he turns 180 degrees and heads the other way, until another physical object forces him to turn again.
Much like a pin ball machine.

The remote control guy. He's the guy that while on the cell, has to be moving, but he has no specific pattern going on. It's almost like he's chasing ants or something. He'll take three steps then turn. Two steps, turn. He may linger in one spot for a moment, but then suddenly five steps , opps, stop and turn. It's like he's being controlled by one of those model car remote controls.
I must admit, I'm a remote control type of guy. If I'm on the couch and there's a phone call for me, I'm up like my pants are on fire. Talking and walking into the kitchen, then the dining room, back to the kitchen, dining room again, long straightaway into the living room, turn kitchen again.
I must drive my family crazy.

And anyway, what's with this bluetooth thing? Have we gotten that lazy that it is too much trouble to hold a little cell phone to our ear?
Besides the blue arrow thingy stuck in your ear that looks totally awsome, what's with that?


Melinda Owens said...

Love this post. Great observations! My husband is like you, jumps up like his pants on fire and wanders aimlessly through the that. My son is the pacer, but always outside. Can't stand to talk on the phone indoors. Sounds like you still have a lot of free time on your hands down in the Gulf. And making good use of it! Great case study.

Keda said...

I am a pacer, my hubby is a remote control guy. My father and my brother are also pacers so maybe it's a genetic thing. As for the bluetooth... Maybe we just all want to feel like were superheroes, or super stars or something, besides it actually being a healthier method of driving and a method to keep your phone safe from those grab and run -ers.

beth said...

the people with blue tooth always scare me. i never seem to see the little device and instead think i'm looking at a total moron talking to himself....and then they turn and i see mr.bluetooth in the other ear and i still kind of think....what a moron.

i'm probably a jabber since even without a phone in my hand, i talk with my hands....but mostly, i'm at my desk with a phone in one hand and always typing with my other....YES, i type one handed often.

i know. you're impressed.

Jerral Miles said...

I am aware that I'm beginning to sound like nag... but your descriptions of people talking on cell phones reminds me again that you are an outstanding writer... vivid, memorable images all made with your choice of words. Thanks.

Jerral Miles said...

...Oh! ...almost forgot. I neglected the nag bit. Write! Write! Write more!