Monday, July 26, 2010

We were bored, so we left.

After almost 3 weeks of sitting at the dock within spitting distance of the Gulf, I said to the Captain, "We should take the tug and go for a ride to the Gulf and look around."

So we did. Here's some of what we saw.
First we hit a traffic jam.

Then we passed Old Fourchon.

Then it opened up showing the beautiful Bayou.

The entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.

Then we cruised around for a bit, my camera didn't like
the high humidity, hence the foggy look.

There are a few more photo's like this over here.


Jerral Miles said...

Have you come across tenders and floating platforms made by the Elevating Boat Company? My brother-in-law, Lynn Dean, started that company... holds the patent on some of the elevators that make those things work. He and my sister live over in Houma now... moved there from Braithwaite after Katrina.
I'm enjoying your photographs from the Gulf. Thanks.

slommler said...

Great photos! Such a beautiful part of our country!!

beth said...

i love humidity on the camera lens :)
i'm a freak, i know !

i'm glad you were able to "cruise" a little to liven things up !

Scott said...

Looks like a very interesting little jaunt around the area. Obviously a lot going on down there. Thanks for the update.

Marilyn said...

Enjoyed the tour.