Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If you want your picture taken stand this way.

These machines are part of the Kevin Costner oil skimming system that are installed on one of our other company barges. We're supposed to get 8 of these on our barge this week.
Now I know we have to do something as far as cleaning up the oil in the Gulf, and I hate to be pessimistic, but, seriously. Have you seen how big this spill is? Do you have any idea how big the Gulf of Mexico is? Is this the answer?

I don't know, it just seems BP is trying just anything, to show they are doing something about this problem. I guess time will tell.
I know one thing, BP is, and should be, shelling out money like they're the banker in a Monopoly game. Today I loaded 50,000 gallons of fuel for our tug, and on the receipt where I would usually put my company address, I wrote, "BP Cleanup." They are footing the bill for all the fuel.
There are 7000 boats involved in the clean up. That's a "lotta bank" as they say.

Anyway, when I load fuel, I need to standby on deck at the hose connection the entire time.
It takes hours to load that much fuel.
I put my idle time to good use and taught these birds to do this.


Keda said...

ROFL - I suppose you used your master mind to make the birds do as you planned. you should be on national television with that skill.

Glad the spill is at least getting attention, sad that it is even required.

slommler said...

What a terrific animal trainer you are!! Those birds are so well trained.
BP's deep pockets have sprung a leak as well I am afraid. I am concerned!
About the clean up and also their funding of it. A company only has so much money!!

beth said...

so now, along with "king tug".....

get it ?

you know, like king tut :)

we'll call you the bird whisperer, too.....


Karen said...

You have talents I never knew existed.

anno said...

I can see it now ... "The Bird Whisperer"

dcpeg said...

Is there anything you cannot do? As much as I dislike gulls*, these guys look pretty good neatly lined up like that. Can they do a chorus line kick yet? What kind of "gully treats" did you use?

*gulls attack the baby ducks that live in the reflecting pool and Constitution Gardens pond.

Marilyn said...

Such smart birds to let you train them.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Mark good luck with the big huge clean up, thank god you're there.
And so are the birds to give you company. It's a great photo.

Vicky said...

Great photo... my son just peered over my shoulder and said "wonder how long it took to train them?" It was a good chuckle for me... I think to witness the spill myself would be mindblowing... we have no perspective from the tv clips we see...

Jerral Miles said...

...thought you should know... That bird on the far left is complaining. Was it the training session? Did you say something to hurt his feelings?

I just heard the news that the cap is in place, and it SEEMS as if the oil is no longer flowing out of the well. There'll be some more oil coming up tomorrow in a phase of the testing program to determine if it's going to stay closed. One thing we can say about BP: They're providing lots of jobs in this clean-up effort.