Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Welcome

Did you hear the gushing BP oil well was capped today?
I've only been down here in the Gulf for 8 days.
Your welcome.

My daughter, a die hard LaBron James fan, and I have had many discussions about LaBron James over the last year or so.
We don't always agree.
Tonight she told me King James has been tweeting on twitter and that I should check it out.
No problem, I'm a..... twitterer. Or at least I signed up for an account a year ago, after which I have done absolutely nothing with it.

I could see that this social networking phenomenon was passing me by and I didn't want to be left out so I made a conscious decision a while back to try to keep up. The first thing I signed up for was My Space. And again, after hitting the "confirm" button, I've never been back to visit. But I am a member.
Is there still a My Space?

Twitter was my next attempt to prove that I wasn't getting to old for this stuff.
Then Facebook sunk it's gossipy little claws into me, and it's there I do most of my spying.
I'm not real active on there, but I do sign in regularly to see what others are up to.

In a 10 minute visit to Facebook I can tell that all my children are ok. They might be "tired" or "hate Monday's " or had a "great week at work", but the bottom line is I know they're ok.
My wife, nah, no Facebook for her yet. I just recently had her trained to check her email more than once a week.
I can see my brother and sister and some niece's and nephews are doing well. It's really a great tool for worry warts.

I think my need to stay current may have something to do with my Dad. He was a life long journalist who has been in the big Press Club in the sky since 1989, so he didn't have the pleasure of seeing his kids borderline inappropriate pictures posted on Facebook.
In '89, computers weren't in every home, but they were making great headway into most businesses. Dad wasn't the first one to wrap his arms around this computer age, so even toward the end of his career, you could here the tap..tap...tap..tap of his old typewriter, as he banged out another column down in the den at our house. It worked for him, believe me.

I didn't want to be the guy writing letters in cursive while the world was twitting away.
So I'm all over this electronic age we live in.
So when my daughter told me to check out LaBron, I didn't have to go to the library and dig through old newspapers to see the latest.
I just signed on to my twitter account and was shocked I have 6 followers. I haven't done a thing in 1 year?
I was even more shocked to find I am a follower of Jimmy Falon and Felica Day. What? How did that happen?

I perused my account and saw that on May 2, 2009 at 1250 PM that I felt the need to twit,
"Just ordered my new air card."
I guess at the time I felt that was some very important info I needed to get out to the public.

I need to go check out King James on Twitter.


slommler said...

Thank you for capping that well head...much appreciated!!!!
Shucks! I was hoping you would tell me what King James was tweeting about. I am a fan too of Lebron!!
Guess I will have to check my twitter account as well.
I too am determined to stay up with the electronic age. Facebook and Twitter here!!

Karen said...

You know I have nothing against Lebron personally, but I think it's really offensive - what professional athletes are paid these days. They are very fortunate to have such athletic prowess, and it's totally awesome that they can make money and a career out of playing a game. But the salaries are obscene... they aren't curing cancer or teaching or feeding the world's homeless children (actually sometimes they teach them how to behave with alot of money power really really badly). That's not intended to take away from the athletes who do give back some of their obscene earnings to charities and communities.

But still.

I've never twittered or tweeted, although I do have a Facebook that I check in on regularly... good way to check up on the kids and share pictures with family and friends.

Melinda Owens said...

That's so funny...Diahn and I were talking the other night and both remarked that now that you were down there, something would be done! Thank you. Way to get things moving!

beth said...

thank you mark for fixing everything in the gulf for us....i knew you could do it!

and i don't twit, but i do lurk on facebook just to see what everyone else is doing.... doesn't ever seem to be anything important, but like you said, at least i know they're alive.

dcpeg said...

Got my fingers crossed for the new cap. Nothing is sure, yet, but it's a good start. You did good, Kid!

As for twitter, etc., I've drawn the line at email and my blog. Can't see any use for twitter and to think all those inane twitters are being saved for perpetuity!

"Different strokes for different folks" -- enjoy your gadgets.