Friday, July 9, 2010

Just some stuff

So the LaBron free agent circus is finally over. I mean, enough with LaBron.
Don't get me wrong, I like LaBron.
I like Basketball. I played it all my life. I have a hoop in my driveway.
I watch the NBA all season, but how much LaBron is too much?
The answer is, "The Decision." The decision was the name of the hour long special ESPN showed last night. It was on ESPN that LaBron announced which city he was going to falsely raise the hopes of.
While watching the show last night a few words popped into my head, namely, nauseated, painful, infuriating and over the top.
They call him King James. But he's not really a king, is he? I thought he might be with all the sucking up ESPN has done for the last few months.

I'm in Fourchon Louisiana, and because of that I ingested, for the first time in my life, a crowd favorite down here, yes, you guessed it. I ate crawfish.
Crawfish is a food I have shied away from for a few reasons, one of which is they look a lot like the crayfish I used to look for under rocks as a kid.
But the local guys down here, when talking about crawfish, seem to almost have a out of body experience, so I figured I'd give it a try. It was tasty.
And I'm alive to talk about it.

You know what they say,"When in Rome..."

Have you ever noticed that after a long day, and you finally get to go to bed, that when you lay down, and immediately realize you forgot your glasses, you get back up, locate your glasses and lay back down again, that it never feels as comfortable as it did when you first hit the sheets.
It's a fact, I've studied it.

I never thought I'd say these words, but I miss soccer. World Cup soccer was daily entertainment for me when I was home these last weeks.
The big game is Sunday, which I'll miss for a variety of uninteresting reasons.
The passion of the fans. The great acting by the alleged injured players. The complaining about the refs.
And those horns.
Four more years until the next World Cup.
They had me at Goooooooooooaaaaaaallllllllll.


Diahn said...

Wow! You had crawfish! I am SO proud of you!

and I'll miss the game on Sunday, as well - traveling back from the beach. sigh. I'm mentally rooting for the Netherlands, though, and hearing vuvuzelas in my mind...

Lydia said...

New to your blog -- and love it!

I had the privilege of watching the Paraguay vs Spain game on the big screen with about 300 people at a conference in Honduras. What a great time! They scheduled the conference around the game time so no one would miss either the game or our speakers. (Smart people, those Hondurans.)

AND Spain won -- yea!

slommler said...

Yes I know what you mean! You are all nice and comfy and then you have to get up. When you return...blah! Just not comfy...try as you might!!
Crawfish? I don't know if I could..glad you liked them though.

Melinda Owens said...

Mark! After all this time, you slip this in here so casually...yeah, had some crawfish, pretty good, no big deal. When in reality, you know you were crying with delight when you tasted that little fella. Someone should have taken a picture of it! (ahem)

Dan Kent said...

Hey Mark - I've visited your blog in the past (not sure if I ever commented) but I think you are a great storyteller.

You are absolutely right about the glasses - it's happened to me many times.

I am not a basketball fan, but my city now has LaBron - let's see how the hopes he raises are false. As far as I'm concerned Miami fans are so fickle that it might be LaBron that becomes disillusioned if he doesn't make good. Let's see which false hopes are shattered first!

Finally, re the horns in soccer. I don't watch soccer either but watched part of one game and the horns penetrated my eyeballs and rattled my teeth. Finally someone changed the channel to baseball and it was so pleasantly quiet that I sighed. And I don't watch baseball either!

Karen said...

I have never tried crawfish, but I love lobster and crabs. I'm assuming crawfish are also in some sort of creole or cajun spice as well, no? Are they similar to lobster/crabs?

And you are SO right, if you have to get up again, it ain't gonna be the same getting back into bed. The interuption ruins the initial relaxed state, or something.

Jerral Miles said...

A man of the sea like you must surely have an opinion about that octopus that always picks the winner before World Cup soccer matches. I watched the Uruguay-Germany game with about a hundred other people at a pub today, and the talk was more about that octopus than it was about the game. Just about the time everybody was predicting that the octopus would be wrong this time, the game turned around and Germany won... and just about the time I get settled into a good agnostic chair, along comes something like this damned octopus that throws all my theories out the window. Help me out here, friend.

Keda said...

You seem to be trying a myriad of new things. Don't give up now. Go ahead and try something else. Chances are that the more things you try, the less you'll notice time goes by and it will be world cup time again before you know it.

It's a sign: Word verification is PRESS, as in press on, continue on this path... ;)