Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Break, Bahama's

I hate crowded beaches.

So we are here.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbor Island, Bahama's


beth said...

wait...where ? i can't see you....and no people watching ?....only water and sand to look really needed a vacation !

slommler said...

Oh my! What a view! I can see me sitting there with my umbrella and my mojito!!! Won't you join me?
Hugging you

Karen said...

OH, now I'm jealous. How I love those aqua blue waters and crystal white sand. Enjoy! But I can't help thinking a photographer like you could be giving us a better photo tour :-)

Oh,'re on vacation.

Lydia said...

Oh.... I think I'm there... or perhaps wish I wasn't in South Dakota in the rain with mosquitoes the size of barn swallows attacking every inch of my flesh. lol

thanks for the post!

Vicky said...

Oh you do vacation well... that is the way to do it :) Can we see more please? I want the full immersion effect to more fully feel like I am there...