Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Break, vacation

"Our house, is a very very very fine house......."
And check out our "Ride" parked in front.

This driftwood ended up just as it should have been.
My wife swam out a 1/2 mile to get me this photo op.

Just kidding.


Vicky said...

Ahhh vacation... I'd swim a mile for that photo op :) Ha. I need to catch up as I have no idea where you are vacationing but I like it already considering its near water... enjoy.

slommler said...

Love the photo of your wife! And your "wheels" are awesome. That is a perfect way to get around. If only....sigh!!!

dcpeg said...

Ah, the Bahamas! Spouse and I have been several times. The last visit, however was crushed by the week-long presence of Hurricane Erin, right over Grand Bahama Island. We enjoy Freeport's Lucaya Beach, but your place looks fantastic! How do you find these places????

Karen said...

Yeah, the dry clothes gave it away.

I love this portrait of your wife - beautiful setting

AND.. LOVE that COTTAGE!!! It's for rent? What agency? How'de ya find it??...

and.. WHERE ARE YOU?? besides "the bahamas".

Janney said...

But man, looks like she coulda if she wanted to...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! That cottage looks perfect for a twosome.


Jerral Miles said...

Wow! Outstanding photograph. Exactly right.

beth said...

this photo of your wife and that driftwoody tree thing is AMAZING !