Thursday, August 26, 2010

August Break in the Bayou

Today at 1400 hrs the call came in.
Our security level was increased to Marsec level 2.

We mobilized in minutes.
My engines are always on "Hot Standby" just in case.

Here, we are following our escort boat south,
through the Bayou
to Ground Zero in the Gulf.

We were about to do oil recon,
running grid patterns.......

Actually, we never received a phone call.
Our security level has not changed.
The only level that has changed
is the level of boredom that we are experiencing being tied
to the dock for a week.
So we upped and went for a ride.

And we thought the clouds looked really cool.

August Break
Day 26


Melinda Owens said...

love these photos...those clouds are amazing. but you know we make them special down here in Louisiana. you guys should go crawfishing!

Janney said...

what do you do tied up on a boat all day anyhow...?

slommler said...

Ha!! Oil recon huh? Love the cloud pics!! Beautiful!

Karen said...

Ah, the sky and it's ever changing face. Great capture..

And that boredom must be driving you NUTZ.

Vicky said...

That was my thought too, oh the clouds are fantastic. Too bad the job doesn't match that description right now. So how do you spend your time?

beth said...

have you watched "minute to win it" can google it.
i bet there's a few things from that show to keep you busy.
but you have to promise, that if you try even ONE of the activities, you have to share the photos !

Jerral Miles said...

...and what I want to know is... How do you get all these beautiful women to check on you every day? Oh, yeah. I know. The pictures have got me checking, too.