Thursday, January 6, 2011

Have you ever tried to write a song?
I have, and let me tell you something. It's hard.

I've tried to write a song from time to time over the years.
When I read the words I had written it sounds more like a 4th grade assignment than it does a top 40 hit.

How DO they do that?

I've come to the conclusion that song writing is a gift.
Like an artist, you either have it or you don't.

I also think there is a link between artists and songwriting, or is it just a coincidence that a lot of songwriters talk of their time early on of being in Art School?
If there is a link, than it is of no surprise that I can't write a song, because I can't draw a lick.

I recently read a book written by Keith Richards, the haggard lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones and he makes mention of his time in art school. Pete Townsand (The Who ), John Lennon and countless others share this same link.

It's amazing how effortless it is, and was, for some people. Richards/Jagger have written over 400 songs.
The Beatles wrote all the songs on the White Album in 2 days. Just amazing.

I started writing my song about 10 years ago.
Nope, not finished yet.

Today while listening to my various music selections I payed close attention to the words.

Jack Johnson:
"One good thing about music...
When it hits....
you feel no pain." A true statement, but I couldn't think of it.

"Every cop is a criminal
and all the sinners saints" Now that's clever.

Eddie Veder-Pearl Jam
"At home drawing pictures
of the mountain top
with him on top
Lemon yellow sun
arms raised in a V
the dead lay
in pools of maroon below." Now he must be an artist, I can picture that clearly.

"Woke up-got out of bed
ran a comb across my head."

Pretty simple, huh? Sounds kinda 4th grade-ish.
Maybe there is hope for me yet.


slommler said...

I agree with you that art and music are linked. The same goes with actors. Many paint, photograph, or write poetry and books.
Good luck on your song writing.

Karen said...

Are you gonna give us a sampling?

Come on now, put it out there for the universe. :-)

dcpeg said...

I think artistic talent, whether musical are otherwise is one of those left-brain/right-brain things. I was born into a family of talented painters/sketchers and musicians. Did I get any of those genes???? no . . .

Formerly known as Frau said...

Okay have you heard the hit song by Willow Smith....I whip my hair back and fourth!! Seriously if she can do you can to! If you don't know the song google it! But trust me it will stay with you like the it's a small world after all song! Have a great weekend!

Marilyn said...

There is always hope. Keep writing!