Friday, January 7, 2011


Why does our tug boat, that has a crew of 6, have a capacity to hold 40 people in our life rafts.?
I'm guessing the commission that studied the Titanic disaster in 1912 got a little heavy handed with their recommendations.

Why can't some of the newly elected House Representatives be on time for their swearing in?
Wouldn't you think that after all the campaigning and all the dirt that was hurled between candidates, that the winner would be looking forward to his or her big day, the swearing in ceremony?
I would. If it was me, I'd be sitting on the Capitol steps when they unlocked the doors in the morning.
The new Republican Rep from Pennsylvania and Representative Sessions from Texas didn't feel the sense of urgency I would have. They chose not to be present at the time of the swearing in ceremony, but fear not, they watched it on TV and raised their hands when the time came and said "I do" to whoever may have been present with them as they looked at the flat screen TV.
Well, guess what gentleman?
You need to ACTUALLY be AT the ceremony.
Soon after Mr Sessions had his "make believe" swearing in ceremony, he sat in on a Rules Committee, which he was taking part in. Finally the new Republican leadership of ours realized, "Hey, these two dudes aren't really sworn in yet, so they can't continue to pretend to be Representatives of the House."
The Rules Committee hearing was halted as our new Republican Leadership figured out what to do.
Great first day boys. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy about our future.

Why can't people smoke outside on a tug, but every tug I know of has a big honkin flame throwing charcoal grill, outside?

Why am I not surprised that one of the latest state of the art methods BP is using to protect the wild life of the Gulf of Mexico from it's still oil saturated marsh lands is "Noise cannons."
It scares the birds away.
That's just great.

Why, when I'm listening to show tunes from the musical Rent on my Ipod, do I answer "Led Zepplin" when asked by a crew member what I'm listening to.
Sometimes I need my me time.


Karen said...

LOL...why indeed.

And..Noise Cannons????... really?


slommler said...

Ha!! Led Zepplin huh?! Good an answer as any! I will tell you; taxing my brain this morning with all these "why" questions! Sigh! Just too much and the answer is, I don't know!! Ha!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Too funny! I hope you get your me time without interruptions!Have a wonderful weekend!

Cindy said...

*sigh* They dont care enough to swear in, even they know they're lying. so sad.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Love your Why's....and do take your me time you've earned it.
Wonder what more is on your Ipod.
Happy me times you.

Jerral Miles said...

I like your take on the responsibilities newly elected members House of Representatives... I'm wondering what you're thinking about the tragedy in Arizona...