Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why does it take the senseless killing
of innocent people at a political event
to open the eyes of politicians of all flavors
to see the errors of their ways?
I hope their new found
non-partisan behavior
remains long after
the memorials are over.
I can only hope.


Cindy said...

I'll hope with you, Mark. I also hope they will keep a pic of all the vitims in their offices so they will never forget the tradegy.

Joey said...

It's unspeakable and they should all be ashamed of themselves for breeding this in our country. This is soooo tragic.

Karen said...

Do I dare bring up Ms. Blood Libel? I think she has finally sealed the deal..and she threatens she will not shut up... HA! PLEASE DON'T.. you are proving the point precisely!

Anonymous said...

They most probably won't, after all they have already shown themselves to be thickheaded politicians, capable of saying anything and doing just about everything considered immoral or wrong just to get power or some press.

slommler said...

Well, I won't hold my breath...that is for sure.

Jerral Miles said...

I love the photograph... and the words. I won't soon forget the water drop, suspended forever in the picture.
Thanks. Jerral

Diahn said...

We have to keep's the only thing that keeps us sane.

Beautiful photo for this if the earth itself were crying...

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Mark, I've heard of it...and I'm on your side of the's awful.
Hugs d.

Marilyn said...

Hope real hard, please! I lost all hope of it lasting. There is so much anger and fear.

dcpeg said...

Hope is all fine and good, but some situations require a swift kick in the butt! Members of Congress, especially the newest ones are in dire need of such "inspiration."