Thursday, February 17, 2011

I can't believe it's been this long since I last posted something. It's not like me to have nothing to bitch....I mean write about.
I almost forgot my password. How could that be?

My absence from the Blogger world was 1/2 self imposed and half work imposed.
The self imposed portion was not a conscious decision, I just didn't have anything.

And just when those writer blocks started tumbling down, I get sent to Puerto Rico to meet my boat. Our destination...... somewhere in Maryland or Virginia. ( Yes, management at my company scares me too.)

So for the last 7 days we have cruised Northward, past Haiti, past Cuba, on up the coast of Florida past the Carolina's, around Cape Hatterras and into the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, all without cell phone or internet.


My bosses just don't understand or care that if I keep making trips likes this, without access to Blogger, that I will loose followers and loose touch with all the blogs I check on a daily basis.
It's a cold business I tell you.

Also, the fact that I had to leave my wife saddled with the 2 feet of snow that still covered our lawn, and fly to sunny San Juan Puerto Rico, ....well, I just felt awful.


Don't let the sunburn fool you, I FELT TERRIBLE.

Anyway, I took lots of photos, as usual (oh nooo, more sunsets!) and will share some in the coming days if we're getting internet.

But what I felt most guilty about during my absence was the fact that I couldn't share with you, from my Sara Palin calendar, her monthly words of wisdom.
So here we are in February.

"I've been too busy focusing on State government to think much about the war in Iraq."

She said this while on the campaign trail for the position of Vice President of the United States.


Jerral Miles said...

Hey, Man... Welcome back. I've been checking every day. I've missed your insights and your wit. And I'm very sure I'm not the only one.

Alison said...

Hey, good to see you again!

Karen said...

What Jerral said.

I hear her show will be cancelled... apparently the elk dropping and trout smashing got to people.

Her politics, however, still meet the approval of ... too many.

Vicky said...

Was wondering where the heck you went! Good to see you back-with any luck at all your wife maybe saved some of that snow for you- you know, since you felt so terrible about leaving her with it and all :)

beth said...

we won't ever leave you...are you kidding !!!
and a sunburn....really. that's bad for you you know :)

i think you could make a sign and protest about your rights to have internet while working....
it would be kind of fun and the rest of the crew would probably carry signs on your behalf :)

glad you're "home" for a visit :)

dcpeg said...

Glad you're back, Mark! But poor baby -- having to cruise from Puerto Rico up into the Chesapeake Bay -- what a dreadful experience NOT!!

If you're on the Bay today, you're probably basking in the unseasonably warm weather we're having. But wait tomorrow is turning cold and wet, so there goes your sunburn/tan!

Cindy said...

Good to have ya back! Im sure lifes pretty tough in the sun, and warm weather. If your lucky your wife was thoughtful enough to keep you some snow :) Maybe even a path to shovel yet? Glad to find you back home :)

April Mechelle said...

Glad to hear from you again !!! Glad you at least got some internet service to check in !!! lol Waiting on the pictures !!!

slommler said...

I have missed you...sunburn or not!! Ha!!