Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange thoughts today

When I was of the age when it was cool to throw snowballs at cars
(not thinking of the possible ramifications, like the driver having a heart attack)
my friend and I had the foresight to freeze a dozen snowballs
in his basement freezer, and break those babies out in July
for some snowball throwing.
You know, when they least expect it.

We thought this would be great fun
throwing snowballs at cars in July
(again not thinking of the possible ramifications, like the driver having a heart attack)
Let's just say it looked like a good plan on paper.

In the humidity of a day in July
we appeared on his front steps loaded for bear.
We threw one as a test, to the middle of the street
and much to our surprise
it didn't go "SPLAT"
like a snowball in January does.

This one went "doink..doink...doink
as it hit the blistering hot blacktop
and bounced like a baseball into the yard.

Well, more like a rock would bounce.
No, more like a piece of moon rock that fell from space.
No, more like a petrified hardened round object that would have
penetrated a armored covered tank.

We decided we better not throw snowballs at cars that day.


I've mentioned before
my Dad was a writer.
One of my Dad's best friends was Ed.
Ed still writes.
A few years ago I read a column Ed had written
and he was reminiscing about the good old days.
We all have those, don't we?
Anyway, in his column he mentioned that growing up post depression
he was told by his Mom , upon exiting the shower
to shake as much of the water off his body with his hands
as he could
before using a towel to dry off.
The theory being, less water in the towel
towel last longer
Mom doesn't have to wash towels as often
saving energy and money.

The problem with this is
I now think of Ed
EVERYTIME I get out of the shower.

And that sucks!


dcpeg said...

Oooo -- I winced thinking of Ed shaking off from his shower. Not a pretty sight!

Now if we were talking about Colin Firth; well there's someone I'd like to see shake his booty!!

Karen said...

...did you actually put the snowball theory on paper?


Formerly known as Frau said...

Oh no now we all are thinking about Ed when exiting the shower!! Snowball mishap made me laugh my hubby did the same boyish things.

nacherluver said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! That's a funny ending!
p.s. we have snowballs in the freezer. not sure why.

Marilyn said...

Laughing, that does suck that you think of the story of Ed each time you shower. You need to create a new memory that will override this one. Good thing you didn't throw the snowball at a car, just saying!

Joey said...

Oh Mark. You freaked me out. I was waiting for you to throw that frozen snowball at a car and have something really bad happen. Phewwww.

Jerral Miles said...

I like your homage to Ed... and especially to your DAD... You honor both of them. An there are worse things than thinking about valued friends and family coming from the bath...

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Gosh cracked me up with your snowball story....gosh man if I only knew you back then....I did the same thing with eggs...imagine that one hitting a person to joke around....

Hmmmm thinking about Ed uh? Does it help to say I do the same thing...don't tell your wife if you thought about me after this story next time you get out of the shower... I wouldn't cross her...

And guess what now I might also even think about Ed and I don't even know the guy.

Well my friend it was good to be in your space again as always it brightened my day.
Happy times to you and yours.
Hugs Dagmar