Friday, May 27, 2011

I checked out Lance Armstrong's web site today, wondering what he's posting concerning all the recent allegations of him using performance enhancing drugs to help him win all those bike races.

Strangely enough, the last post under his "news" tab, is dated March 1, 2011.
Hey Lance, have you been watching the news?
Your in it.

I have always been a huge Lance fan. What he has accomplished in bike racing is just remarkable.
I know nothing of the sport he participates in, but have always been impressed with what he has accomplished, given the fact that when I ride my bike up the rolling hills to the entrance of my developement, I need to call a cab to get back home.

He has cruised through the mountains of France with the ease of a child riding a bike around the block.
The initial allegations which began years ago, I dismissed as sour grapes, but the number of former team mates who are now throwing him under the bus, is becoming worrisome.

His Livestrong foundation is such a great organization as they fight to improve the lives of people with cancer, I can only hope the work they do will not be compromised because of some bad decision making by a guy who's story is impressive and inspiring, PED's or not.

Time will tell.

For those of you waiting to read Mark's Wedding Planner Tips #3, will have to wait until the book comes out.
It seems I have been a beacon of hope to many.The reaction from future parents of the groom has been so overwhelming, that I am tempted to write a book on the subject.
I have been in contact with Oprah's people.
Stay tuned.


Vicky said...

It'd be pretty disappointing for sure if the accusations are true, but you're right in that he has done so many other things where he is due credit including the Livestrong foundation. But we forget they are human sometimes and are capable of a fall from grace just like the average joe I guess :) Hate to break it to you, but you may be waiting a long time for that book deal to materialize if you are waiting on Oprah-- she has left the building :) Her loss, if tip #3 is anything like the first two, you've got best seller on your hands!

beth said...

will you autograph a copy of your book for me when it comes out...just a simple note saying"my team kicked butt because of you" wink wink :)

or i guess it could say "we were dressed the best even though we lost" BUT HEY....your team will win !!

and lance...well, you know. i never inhaled anything when i was 16 so he's probably not guilty either. LOL

Jerral Miles said...

I'm not giving up on Lance... It took me a long time to stop believing in Santa Claus, too. I'm still looking for leprechauns in the bushes, and all I get are stares and people asking what I'm doing in the bushes... no leprechauns, not a single one... but I thought I saw one once... just the heel of a little green shoe disappearing into the undergrowth. Hang in there, Lance. Mark and I still believe in you. Keep riding. And did I mention, Elvis ain't dead. I saw him leaving the building with Oprah.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Can you imagine being Lance having your door bell ring at any hour day or night and have to pee in front of someone and have this go on for years....seriously he is clean. I hope this doesn't effect LIVESTRONG foundation it's such an important cause.

I can't wait for the book....I have a daughter so I might need to know all the facts!!

Karen said...

I say leave the man alone. Look at all the good he has done.

And um.. yeah.. Oprah's left the building. So, consider self-publishing? ....

and I never inhaled either. Really.

Rants and Raves...Peace and Praise said...

Awwww no fair...I was so looking forward to tip #3....#1 and #2 had me in stitches and I do love a good laugh. Good stuff!... Oh well I guess I will just have to be patient and wait for the book.

Alison said...

Hmmmm...... I just don't know about Lance. I have always wondered. Although to be fair I think I don't go for him much because he isn't a very warm person. Which is probably a bit harsh on my part!

slommler said...

Our sports heroes are dropping like flies around us!!! Tis sad and disappointing for sure.
Looking forward to your book deal but I am afeared Oprah will not be the one doing it. Seems she has another bigger deal going on...called a whole new network!! Guess she will be tied up for awhile!!
Sorry Mark

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