Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My "Bat Phone" rang today.

You know, the phone I use for discussing "Marks Wedding Planner Tips" with clients.
It's a dedicated phone. It's used for nothing but wedding planning.
It looks like a regular phone from the front.
On the back, it's engraved with a generic bride and groom.
The ring tone for my wedding planning phone is a song by Queen titled, Under pressure.

When it rang today, I quickly put on my Tuxedo, and answered. (Yes, I have a Tux on the boat.)
The interested party's (me being VERY interested) held an impromptu conference call today.

That was quite fun.

I have decided it is imperative that I resume the much needed,"Marks Wedding Planner Tips". For no apparent reason. Well, sort of.
This will be tip # 4 I think.

So with out further delay, let me try to bring a little harmony to this crazy little world of ours, and help the masses by posting;

"Mark's Wedding Planner Tip #4" (Yes, I realize this title isn't grammatically correct or very catchy, but with my large contingent of Newsletter followers, I can't change it now.)

"If the parents of the bride are paying for the entire RECEPTION, the grooms parents should have no reason to think they have a right to have any input concerning anything related to the RECEPTION.... at all, especially if your bringing attitude."

If you are a subscriber to the "Marks Wedding Planner Tips" newsletter, than you may have noticed that there has been a word change in Tip #4, compared to Tip 1 and Tip 2.
It is not a typo.
Some might say there was a change in the "wordage."

The word wedding has been replaced with the word reception, and especially if you bring attitude, has been added.
That was one result of the conference call.
Wew! Thank heaven that is settled.

Since I take my wedding planning job seriously, I have taken part in some ongoing education to keep up with the latest trends in wedding etiquette.
That ongoing education is, of course, "Google."

According to this site,
this expert, when asked what the duties are for the grooms Mother, replied.....
"Show up...shut up...and wear beige."
Their words not mine.

But I do believe I will use this in my next newsletter.


slommler said...

I thought it was "show up....shut up...bring money...and wear beige"!!!!
The bring money part is for the rehearsal dinner of course and the flowers!
At least, that is what I thought!!

Vicky said...

Ahhh, just what I needed, a good laugh and a wedding etiquette primer! As mother of two potential grooms, I must take painstaking notes, esp. on the "What not bring" episodes." So attitude, a no, huh?

dcpeg said...

Oh how I wish I had marriageable-aged (is that a word?) sons so I could be a bride's mom-in-law. AND, I would NOT wear beige to the wedding! If I was gonna give up one of my "beloved sons" I'd wear hit pink shorts, a black lace trimmed,low cut bustier and bawl my eyes out. What great stories I could inspire! ;-}