Sunday, June 12, 2011

...Not two.......Not Three.......Not Four

"....Not 2.....not 3....not 4," Lebron James said to a deliriously happy crowd in Miami last summer, talking about how many NBA Championships he was going to win, now that he was teamed up with his buddy Dwane Wade.

"not 5....not 6..." he exclaimed as the crowd roared louder with each arrogant boast,
"not 7....not 8....not 9," he foolishly spouted, a definite jab at Michael Jordan and the 6 Championship rings he has collected, and with whom he is constantly compared, for reasons I know not of.

This made for TV drama otherwise know as the "The Big Three" was a bust.
Lebron orchestrated this unprecedented deal a year ago, that had him joining two other stars, Dwane Wade and Chris Bosch in Miami, in hopes of winning a Championship....or 9, as he said.
"The Big Three" thought this would be a slam dunk.
What it turned out to be was an air ball.

When Larry Bird, a true champion, was asked, if he would ever think of getting together with 2 other of the leagues best players, to form a team in hopes of winning a championship, like Lebron did, he replied, "I wanted to play AGAINST the best players, not WITH them."

This talk in the media a few weeks ago of "King James" being the best player in the league?
Stop it!
Sorry Lebron lovers. He's not even the best player on his team.

Lebron decided last July, in a 1 hour over the top, arrogant television special titled, "THE DECISION", that he was going to leave his present team in Cleveland and "...take my skills to South Beach." ( I watched that 1 hour Lebron circus, and that's one hour of my life I'll never get back.)

Evidently, the Dallas Mavericks took THEIR skills to South Beach last night,
and opened a can of woop-ass on Lebron and his 2 amigos.

The Dallas Mavericks are the NBA Champions.
Lebron wants to "Be like Mike".

Yeah do I.


Karen said...

I remember when he was still really just a kid in High School, the big deal they were making of him even then. That's where the ego starts to inflate.

When will he find humility?

slommler said...

His first mistake was thinking he was all that! Second mistake; leaving Cleveland! What a dud now

beth said...

we watched every game in the finals and the only reason i wanted dallas to win was because of how arrogant lebron had been earlier in the year.

we cheered and whooped it up last night....what a great game. and i have to tell you, i love jason terry and jason kidd. and nowitzki winning MVP was most perfect and SO deserved. you just gotta love his humbleness !!

my only question is....what was with the cold shoulder that mark cuban gave his wife when he walked by her after kissing two of their kids....anyone else see that ?

Marilyn said...

Great review! Just the thoughts I had, but wouldn't have put into words. I remember when LeBron was just signed with Nike. I was working there then and he would come through the cafeteria for lunch with his entourage. It was always fun to see the sport celebrities hanging around campus.

dcpeg said...

Your comments are worthy of being published in a newspaper! Great reporting/writing!!

Anonymous said...

I watched the Tonys. Neil Patrick Harris was great!

Jerral Miles said...

A little humble pie will do the guy good. Let's see what happens next year.